Titanfall ditches the Titans for "Pilot Skirmish," a new gameplay mode coming in Update Six

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Have you ever played Titanfall and thought to yourself, "This is cool, but it would be even better without the Titans?" If so, then I have some fantastic news: Pilot Skirmish, the new Featured Game Mode coming in Titanfall's Update Six, is exactly that.

Titanfall returns to Game Time for another free 48 hours

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If you haven't yet strapped on a 30-foot-tall suit of futuristic armor and used it to flatten some poor schmuck into a gooey pancake, now might be a good time to rectify that oversight. The weekend is here, and Titanfall is once again free.

Titanfall: IMC Rising announced as the game's third (and final) DLC pack

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Respawn had a brief appearance on the EA Gamescom stage, where they revealed the third and final DLC pack for Titanfall. Called IMC Rising, the pack will contain an additional three maps—successfully surprising no-one.

Titanfall 'Frontier's Edge' map pack is out now, see it in action here

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Titanfall's Frontier's Edge map pack is out today, so you might as well watch this video showing off the three new arenas. Impressions based on the above footage are mostly positive, though it's a shame there's nothing as aesthetically bracing as 'War Games' from the Expedition pack. The colour palettes don't really depart from what we've seen before.

Titanfall update 5 will introduce a Black Market for Burn Cards and insignia

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Soon you'll be able to purchase Burn Card packs and fancy Titan adornments in a new Titanfall marketplace. The Black Market is 'coming soon' as part of the game's fifth major update, which will also introduce daily challenges and several bug fixes. The Black Market unlocks at level 11 and allows players to purchase Burn Card packs and Insignia with in-game credits. At this stage, real world currency will not be supported.

Titanfall 'Dig Site' map to feature in Frontier's Edge pack; screenshots and details released

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In much the same way they did with the Expedition DLC pack, Respawn is drip feeding details on the second Titanfall map add-on. Entitled Frontier's Edge, the three maps will feature 'Dig Site' among them, which Respawn has detailed in a new blogpost.

Respawn reveals Titanfall's second DLC map pack, Frontier's Edge

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Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall is going to some new and interesting places by way of Frontier's Edge, a new map pack that takes the game to the very edge of the universe—and beyond!

Titanfall single-player would feel like "a step backward," says Respawn

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Bad news for anyone hoping for a single-player campaign in Titanfall: Respawn Entertainment founder Vince Zampella and Titanfall Director Steve Fukuda both made it clear in a new interview that they have very little interest in making it happen.

Titanfall's next update brings limited-time modes and new burn cards

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It must be hard being a robot-riding parkour space marine of the future. It's no longer enough to just kill your enemies; you've got to do it in weird ways. The next Titanfall patch will introduce "Featured Game Modes", which provide limited-time variations on the game's standard objectives. The first of these, "Marked For Death", challenge you to kill a specific enemy player, all while protecting your own VIP-pilot.

Titanfall playable for free this weekend, as Origin launches Game Time promotion

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Origin are currently giving away Peggle. It's a happy game about rainbows and Beethoven, and is therefore at odds with the majority of EA's catalogue. To redress the balance, they're also planning a free trial for a game about big robots and loud noises that go "SHHHHHLUNK". Titanfall will be free to download and play this weekend, and—while it'll take the majority of that time to download and install the thing—that should still leave a few solid hours of robo-falling, parkour-jumping action.

Titanfall update will introduce new game modes later this month

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In the midst of last week’s E3 excitement Respawn quietly announced a bunch of new features for Titanfall, which will be introduced in the game’s next major update. The patch will usher in long promised new game modes, as well as a bunch of other new features including (take a deep breath) Burn Cards for Titans and new voiceover packs. Say goodbye to robot-voiced Betty! You now have two new barkers to choose from in the form of Lisa and Jeeves.

Respawn explains why it took CTF out of Titanfall and how it's bringing it back

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Earlier this month, Respawn ditched Titanfall’s dedicated Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter game modes. You could still stumble upon them in the game’s Variety mode, but you couldn’t choose to play just either of them if you wanted. At the time, Respawn explained that it removed the modes because not enough people were playing them, which led to poor user experiences. Today, it posted a much more detailed explanation, and also how it’s going to bring the modes back into the game.

Titanfall: Expedition map pack review

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“Two outta three ain’t bad” best describes Titanfall’s debut map pack, Expedition. Set after the campaign’s battle of Demeter, it sees the Milita scurrying off to frontier worlds with the IMC in hot pursuit.

War Games is the trio’s best, taking place inside the virtual training simulator that kickstarts the campaign. It’s almost meta map-making, fusing together existing architecture from levels like Angel City and linking them up in a sleek, Tron-like framework. Whereas other maps shoot for the illusion of reality, scrabbling to shoehorn in some contextual reason why a building planner would insist on so many curved walls, War Games is a videogame level.

Titanfall ditches separate CTF/Pilot Hunter modes: "not widely used; overlong wait times"

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Chris Thursten questioned Titanfall's staying power in his review back in March, and that staying power is unlikely to be invigorated by Respawn's decision to remove the Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter modes from the PC version of the game. Well, that's not entirely accurate - they've removed both modes as separate playlists, but they're still around in the Variety game mode, or if you decide to play a private match. The reason for their removal? They were "not widely used" in the PC version, causing "overlong wait times" for players who wanted to join. Removing said modes is one way to reduce wait times, I guess.

Titanfall's 144hz patch affected gun rate-of-fire, Respawn fixed it last night

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A YouTube video posted yesterday made a surprising claim: boost your Titanfall framerate above 60, and your gun's rate-of-fire jumps up with it. The video demonstrates that at 60 fps, a magazine empties in a little over three seconds, but at 120 fps, it only takes two and a half seconds. Thank goodness such a serious error died a swift death.

Titanfall Expedition DLC drops this week

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It took me almost 100 hours, but I finally managed to burn myself out on Titanfall. Honestly, I’d probably still be playing it if I didn’t completely stall out on of the Gooser Challenge, even after Respawn nerfed the requirements. At this point I need some new walls to run on to entice me to get back into it, and I’m about to get them.

Titanfall update reduces audio install time, adds "extreme" frame-rate support

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Installing Titanfall isn't something that you do lightly. In the time it took my computer to unpack the game's 50-or-so gigabytes of audio files, I was able to found a human civilization, learn to play the bassoon, and clear my email Inbox. It was the longest 15-20 minutes of my life. Luckily, for future generations, the process of installing Respawn's shooter will no longer visibly age the person doing it, as a new patch has reduced the audio unpacking time.

In addition, the patch adds a series of new features, including PC-only support for "extreme frame-rate support". Extreme, in this instance, meaning 144fps—which could be handy for those with a monitor that supports it. The update is out now, landing in preparation for the Expedition DLC due later this month.

Titanfall Expedition trailer shows new maps in action

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New Titanfall maps are a good thing. We've read a lot about the design decisions behind each of the three maps in Expedition, the game's first DLC pack, but we haven't had a glimpse of the levels until action. Titanfall's newest trailer finally gives us that, as well as a reminder of why the mechtastic competitive shooter was so fun in the first place.

Titanfall DLC trailer takes you into the Swampland

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"THWOMPBOOOSH!" That's the sound of Respawn dropping the very first batch of Titanfall DLC right into your lap. Called Expedition and launching later this month, the pack contains three maps: War Games is based in the memorable training simulator from the game's campaign. Runoff is, uh, watery. And Swampland—the star of a new 'making of' trailer—is set among the ruins of ancient alien technology. This is my favourite.

Titanfall DLC screenshots show pilot parkour across tall trees and neon shapes

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Walls? Robots? Trees? The pilots of Titanfall don't care what surface they're clinging to, as long as it offers maximum potential for headshots, explosions, or a wicked cool jump onto an enemy Titan's unprotected head dome. That's the lesson to be learned by this collection of Titanfall 'Expedition' screenshots, showing some of the new maps due to appear in the game's first DLC.