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Resident Evil 1 returning to PC in remastered form, will release early 2015

Phil Savage at

My research suggests that Resident Evil's PC port wasn't an unholy crime against taste, decency and badly translated dialogue. Certainly nothing that would forewarn players of the horrors contained within Resident Evil 4's first PC release. Despite not being actively terrible, Capcom are fast becoming the remasters of unlocking, and so have decided give Resi 1 a brand new makeover for PC (and consoles).

Resident Evil 2 remade like Resident Evil 4 looks fantastic

Emanuel Maiberg at

There’s a reason Resident Evil 4 is such a standout in the series. It shed years of traditional features—tank controls, static camera angles, and awkward pacing—and replaced them with shooting mechanics that redefined the action-horror genre. The Resident Evils that came before it are still classics, especially Resident Evil 2, but it’d be so much more fun to play if Leon Kennedy had some of his Resident Evil 4 moves. One fan created a short demo of what that would look like, and it’s as good as you’d suspect.

Resident Evil 4 HD update fixes framerate drops, Capcom tackling other community issues

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A new patch for classic action game Resident Evil 4 HD arrived late last week, bringing with it a handful of tweaks and bug fixes. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but what is encouraging is that this RE4's fifth update in as many weeks. Updates seem to be scheduled for every Friday for the foreseeable future, a schedule that shows Capcom is absolutely serious about supporting this PC port. As the grumpy survivors of too many terrible PC ports, this is a commitment we'd like to celebrate.

Resident Evil 4's awesome reloads: 16 GIFs from RE4 HD

Wes Fenlon at

Leon S. Kennedy doesn't just blow the heads off of zombies and Ganados like a boss. He reloads his guns like a boss, too—and he was doing it before flashy reloads were cool. Shooters released since Resident Evil 4 have added progressively more detailed animations to their gun reloads, but Capcom set a high bar for reloads in 2005. There's something incredibly tactile about the way Leon slams a new round into the bolt-action rifle. And when he whip-cracks open the Broken Butterfly, violently jams new rounds into it, and slams it shut...well, at that point he's just showing off.

After playing through the new HD port of Resident Evil 4, I decided to capture Leon's dramatic reload animations in high quality GIF form. Almost every gun in the game is represented below, and the animations are embedded in bandwidth-efficient HTML5 form. Give one a click if you want to share a link or download the original GIF version.

Resident Evil 4 HD review

Wes Fenlon at

Resident Evil 4 is nine years old, and still the best action game I've ever played. It's still thrilling when I nail four Ganados with a single shotgun blast, still tense when I face down a relentless Iron Maiden before it impales me with deadly spikes. I'm on edge even when I know I'm safe, still creeped out by the foreboding pressure Resident Evil 4 constantly exerts through its thumping industrial soundtrack and grim environments.

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition comes to Steam on February 27

Emanuel Maiberg at

I've played through Resident Evil 4 on Gamecube at least three times. Today, Capcom announced that it’s bringing the ultimate, high definition version the game to Steam on February 27 for $20, meaning I’ll definitely play through it again. It’s really that good.

Capcom celebrates 30th anniversary with Steam sale

Perry Vandell at

Publisher birthday parties are the best. Rather than forcing you to debate whether a $25 gift card is a crappy gift, publishers simply discount a bunch of games and tell players to have at it. It’s like buying discounted party favors, but with fewer tote bags. Capcom just hit the big 3-0, and has shaved the price off many of its larger Steam titles in celebration.

The Evil Within is "pure survival horror" says Bethesda VP Hines

Patrick Carlson at

Bethesda marketing vice president Pete Hines has been making the interview rounds at E3 to talk about work on The Evil Within, an upcoming survival-horror game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. In a new Rev3Games interview Hines throws out some intriguing new details about the development process, Japanese versus "western" games, and as well as what it takes to scare people in 2013.

The Evil Within announced - here's what Bethesda have been teasing all week

Phil Savage at

After days of creepy Vine teasers - later revealed to be Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s new survival horror, codenamed "Zwei" - Bethesda have now officially announced the project with a short teaser trailer. It's a live-action montage of gross looking stuff - more like a 90s industrial music video than a game trailer. But we do get its real name: The Evil Within.

New Resident Evil 6 trailer crashes a plane into a city of melodrama, shouting and shooting

Rob Edwards at

Is Resident Evil 6 an action movie or a game? The latest Resi 6 trailer shies away from showing too much in-game footage in favour of a series of potentially quite spoilery cutscene clips. Leon battles slobbery creatures with his '90s boyband hair, Chris Redfield has a bit of a grump, someone name drops Wesker and someone else screams DEBORAAAAAAAAH really loud. Business as usual, then.

Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City review

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Resident Evil 6 lets you play as the zombies

Tom Hatfield at

Resident Evil 6 will be introducing a new concept for the venerable survivor horror series. The ability to hunt down strangers over the internet, bash them around the head and swallow their delicious brains. Yes, Resident Evil is finally going to let you play as the zombies.

Resident Evil 6 trailer fails to remove the head or destroy the brain

Tom Hatfield at

RPS have dug up the freshly re-animated corpse of some Resident Evil 6 footage. This gameplay trailer depicts blond haired pretty boy Leon heading into a subway tunnel to find it full of zombies, much like everywhere Leon ever goes. The poor guy can't even nip to the loo without a quick time event trying to bite his face off.

Zwei: a "true survival horror game" from Resident Evil, Vanquish dev Shinji Mikami

Tom Senior at

Today Bethesda announce that they're publishing a survival horror game called Zwei (that means "two"!!! - Enthusiastic German Ed). It's the first game from Tango Softworks, a studio formed a couple of years ago by the relentlessly impressive Shinji Mikami. He has senior credits on Vanquish, God Hand, Devil May Cry, Killer 7 and, more importantly in this case, all of the Resident Evil games up to and including Resi 4.

“A true ‘survival horror’ game is one in which the player confronts and overcomes fear," he said to someone recently, according to the press release. "I've found my focus and once again I'm striving for pure survival horror. I am being very hands-on in the development of this game to ensure that the quality is there. Rest assured.”

There are no further details yet, but to convey a sense of what the game might perhaps feel like a bit a collage OF HORROR has been released, made up of art for a few of Zwei's locations. Read on and click to see it full size IF YOU DARE.

Resident Evil 6 gets a new trailer and release date

Chris Antista at

Not to spoil anything, but October 2nd is the release date revealed at the end of the new Resident Evil 6 trailer. More importantly, in that three minutes of undead sizzle you’ll find plenty of old friends from across the RE series (Ada Wong!), an introduction to Albert Wekser’s kid, a Far East location, and the horrific effects of the all-new C-virus.

Resident Evil 6 marketplace listing teases six player co-op

Tom Senior at

A listing for Resident Evil 6 on the Xbox Marketplace popped up over the weekend. It's since been removed, but Eurogamer spotted six player co-op as one of the listed features. Last week's Resident Evil 6 debut trailer showed off three pairs of potential protagonists. A co-op mode that has all of them fighting together simultaneously could be bloody marvellous.

Do check out the Resident Evil 6 trailer, if you haven't already. The opening scene shows lone defender of '90s curtain haircuts and treasonous fiend Leon Kennedy shooting dead the President of the United States simply because he happened to be a zombie (they're not zombies they're "infected" - Zombie Ed). The madness ramps up from there. It's set for November 20 on consoles, and an ambiguous "later" on PC. Here's the debut trailer again in case you missed it.