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Sidescrolling sci-fi survival horror Dark Matter hits Steam and

Tom Sykes at

InterWave Studios' Dark Matter has been fairly quiet for the past year or so, but out of the blue the 2D sci-fi survival horror/Metroidvania has turned up on Steam and It's a game about crafting, about light and darkness, and of course about shooting creepy-crawly aliens in dimly lit hallways. Trailer after the break.

Endless Legend announced, a fantasy 4X from the Endless Space devs

Tom Sykes at

Space is endless. We knew that much, but it turns out legends are endless as well. Or rather, one Legend in particular, and probably not the one where Tom Cruise shares a curry with a guy named Tim (as is my understanding of the film). Not content with just one 4X strategy game, the Endless Space developers are back at it again, this time using those 4 Xs (eXplore, eXploit, eXpand and eXtreme) in a fantasy setting, with no spaceships or anything. You can see some hexy screenshots after the break.

StarDrive review

Dan Griliopoulos at

As far as space-set turn-based strategy games go, Galactic Civilizations II has long been universal overlord. StarDrive wants to knock GalCiv II off its celestial perch. Impressively, it makes a good jump toward doing so.

The biggest difference is that it’s real-time, not turn-based like a normal 4X game, which makes galactic domination mightily hectic.