The Long Dark's creative director explains why the apocalypse doesn't need zombies

Tim Clark at

From the Aztecs worrying about the sun disappearing from the sky, to Hollywood's endless variations on the end of the world, it seems like every civilisation is fascinated with the idea that it might be the last. Perhaps it's a sign of humanity's general narcissism, with each generation secretly hoping to be the one left staring into the abyss at the end of it all, because that might make us special. Or maybe folk just like seeing what happens when stuff goes really wrong.

The Long Dark is going to deliver a comparatively restrained, but no less frightening, vision of our demise. It's a survival game, funded on Kickstarter, which has already generated plenty of buzz for its startling visuals, which are being overseen by art director Hokyo Lim, who previously worked on The Unfinished Swan. The end of the world has rarely looked prettier.

The Long Dark's first in-game screenshots crashland with new community forums

Ian Birnbaum at

It’s been a few quiet months for The Long Dark, the post-apocalyptic survival game successfully Kickstarted last fall. Now the first in-game screenshots have surfaced to herald the arrival of a new set of community forums, and they look handsome. The screens, I mean, they look handsome. The forums are nice, too.