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GTA 5 trailer shows the stranger side of Los Santos

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Today, Rockstar not only armed us with Grand Theft Auto V's PC release date, but also outlined the improvements that this new edition will bring. Now you can see those improvements in action, via a new trailer for the PC and current-gen console release of the game. It's a brief look at some of the weirder moments from the game's extensive campaign.

GTA 5 PC release date announced, new features revealed

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Back in June, Cory succinctly delivered the news that Grand Theft Auto V was coming to PC. I'm going to require a few more words, because, not only have Rockstar given us the game's PC release date, they've also revealed the new features and improvements we'll be getting over the existing PS3 and Xbox 360 edition.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC has not been canceled, Rockstar says

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You may have heard a rumor last week that Rockstar had decided to cancel the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. The word came from a site called Fox Weekly, which quoted the chairman of the marketing firm Rantic as saying that Rockstar never wanted to make a PC version of the game in the first place, but was "forced to do it" because of public demand. The statement carried weight, so the story went, because Rantic was founded by a guy named Brad, who also happens to be a marketing director for Rockstar North.

10 games to play while you wait for GTA 5

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GTA 5 is finally coming to PC this year. We've pored over the trailer to discover a series of new features we can look forward to from the visually upgraded edition. Andy's considered why GTA 5 will be best on PC. All that's left to do is sit back and wait for launch. But what games can we play in the meantime to scratch that GTA itch? We've rounded up ten contenders. Some feature open worlds and driving, others are all about committing crime, some are about all those things. Let's begin.

Grand Theft Auto V on Steam promises advanced video editor, other enhancements

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As expected, Grand Theft Auto V has appeared on Steam, boasting of a number of enhancements to the game as well as an all-new video editor.

GTA 5 trailer analysis: cats, dogs, smog, and more new features spotted

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Rockstar say the long-awaited PC version of Grand Theft Auto V will “take full advantage of the power of PC” and feature “across-the-board graphical and technical improvements” including “increased draw distances, finer texture details, new wildlife, and upgraded weather.” So I thought I’d take a closer look at the E3 trailer to see if I could find any evidence of this. It’s also worth noting that Rockstar captured this footage on a PlayStation 4, so it might look even better on PC.

Grand Theft Auto V PC pre-orders now available

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Rockstar revealed earlier this week that Grand Theft Auto V is on its way to the PC and next-gen consoles this fall. You may now throw your money at it, and Rockstar has a handy site all ready to take that money.

Why GTA 5 will be best on PC

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So Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PC. Hooray! I’ve played a /lot/ of the Xbox 360 version—it’s my favourite GTA game to date—but I was always thinking in the back of my mind about how much better it would be with a smoother frame rate, sharper textures, and running at a resolution higher than 1280x720. The good news, then, is that the long-awaited PC version will have all of these things, as well as an array of new visual effects to take advantage of modern graphics cards. The lighting is better, the draw distance is greater, and Rockstar are finally giving the vast urban sprawl of Los Santos and its surrounding forests, deserts, and mountains the fidelity they deserve.

Grand Theft Auto V coming to PC this fall

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It's about time.

GTA 5 bug log lists PC version and DirectX 11 effects

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As the petition asking Rockstar to bring GTA 5 to PC passes 650,000 signees, yet more evidence for a PC edition has emerged. This time it's a 150-page bug log detailing issues arising from hundreds of GTA 5 builds tested between April 2009 and August 2013, with reference to a "PC version" from as early as June 2012.

The document contains over 170 references to PC development bugs, numerous notes on DX11 support and a related "smog" weather setting, mention of a "lastgen" toggle used during development and bugs relating to 64-bit system testing.

GTA 5 trailer shows your usual mix of plot, action, and criminal antics

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There's another trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5. Except, wait, apparently this one is The Official Trailer. Does that call in to question the legitimacy of allthepreviousvideos? Not at all. But given how much action, shouting, shooting and expositing that Rockstar pack into this single minute, it's clear why they'd want it to get the definitive article.

Grand Theft Auto Online trailer reveals a persistent 16-player world

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Rockstar have just filled in the details of Grand Theft Auto Online: a persistent, open world for 16 players that initially will share features and locations from GTA5, but will continue to expand and evolve after its release. It seems to be a much-improved variation on the open co-op carnage offered by GTA IV, and will be made available on October 1st, free for all owners of GTA5. Which unfortunately won't include PC owners, as we're still waiting on that game's announcement.

Rockstar explains the shooting and looting of GTA 5

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After months of remaining silent about the latest thug-life simulator known as Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games is finally loosening its lips. In addition to a gameplay trailer released earlier this morning, Rockstar exchanged a few words with Game Informer about how GTA V’s gameplay has improved over its predecessors.

GTA 5 trailer shows off its "sprawling satirical re-imagining" of Southern California

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Rockstar have released the very first glimpse of Grand Theft Auto V as she is played. While previousin-enginetrailers have introduced us to the game's trio of characters, this time we're getting our first taste of the game in action. But what action will it be? An out-of-control driver bouncing between pedestrians before clipping a curb and triggering a physics tornado? Someone meticulously hunting eerily glowing pigeons, only for them to explode in a shower of guts and feathers? Another goddamn bowling minigame? Click inside to find out.

Rockstar job listing hints at possible GTA 5 PC release

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Every main GTA game has, after some form of delay, made its way to PC. There's every reason to expect Grand Theft Auto V will do the same. But while you won't ever hear Rockstar say that, you will be able to glean tantalising hints from their job openings. Rockstar Leeds recently posted a listing for a Graphic Programmer, whose responsibilities would include bringing the studio's "latest titles" to PC.

E3 2013: The impact on the PC

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The new consoles have the spotlight at E3 2013 this year, but what will the expo's many reveals, demos, hardware rollouts, and buzzwords mean for the PC? Is this even a show for us at all, with the focus on the brick and mortar retail market? We discuss the implications, and speculate on which of the big, all-star console titles will eventually make it to our corner of the gaming universe.

Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots show major vehicle larceny

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Rockstar are going back to basics with this brief batch of GTA5 screenshots, highlighting the auto part of Grand Theft Auto. (Also the Grand Theft part, in the case of the shot above.) Here we get a round-up of some of the vehicles that'll be driving, flying and swimming through this remade Los Santos.

While GTA 5 is released later this year for consoles, a PC version has yet to be announced. If you're wondering why we're still posting about the game despite Rockstar's silence on the matter, let me explain with a small history lesson.

GTA 5 screenshots: 12 new pics show the gang's criminal escapades

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Rockstar have dropped a fresh round of GTA 5 screenshots at our feet. This time, we see the game's three protagonists engaging in a variety of criminal activities, which is perhaps to be expected from a series named Grand Theft Auto. But just how illegal are their shenanigans? Read on, as I apply the unwaveringly accurate Naughty Scale to find out.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer.

GTA 5 screenshots: 20 fresh pics from sunny Los Santos

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GTA 5 frenzy is sweeping the world wide web. Our friends at CVG have a put together a comprehensive overview of the demo that Rocsktar showed recently with loads of details on the the new open world and the abilities and personalities of the GTA 5's playable trio of troublemakers. Rockstar are still reluctant to talk about their plans for to bring game five to our machines, meanwhile, but given previous form, there's every chance we'll see a PC version eventually. So with that in mind, why not take a look at the twenty new GTA 5 screenshots that arrived earlier showing some disturbing masks, heist plans, tumultuous weather, car chases, two explosions, a minigun and much more.

GTA 5 PC release date — our best guess, supported by mathematics

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After the release of the new GTA 5 trailer, we became conspicuously aware, once again, of the absent PC release date for Rockstar's next open world fiasco. So we reached our hands into the mists of Grand Theft Autos past, crunched some numbers, and came up with the best possible estimate of when the game will be announced and released for the PC.