PC Gamer Podcast #368 - Legendary Eagle Chalupa

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Get to know our new editor Wes Fenlon (read his first report, too, on how net neutrality affects PC gamers) this week as he joins us to chat about CES, Steam Machines, our hands-on with the new Oculus prototype, as well as The Banner Saga, DayZ, and Broken Age.

Why order pizza when you could have PC Gamer Podcast 368 - Legendary Eagle Chalupa?

Xi3 disputes Valve claims of "no involvement" in Project Piston

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PC Gamer UK Podcast: Episode 83 - Spacetime Knife-Fight Disco

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Graham, Chris and Marsh discuss Kentucky Route Zero, Dark Souls, Deus Ex and more in the latest episode of the PC Gamer UK podcast. Also featuring Increpare's Slave of God, NVidia Project Shield, Piston and your questions from Twitter.

Oculus Rift developer on required system specs, potential new functionality

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With all this talk of Steam boxes and Razer Edges at CES, we nearly lost track of Oculus' Rift VR headset, for which dev kits are set to ship in March. Tested's Norm Chan (one of PCG's esteemed alumni) caught up with Oculus VP of Product Development Nate Mitchell for an interview which delves into things like, "Will I need to buy a crazy expensive computer to get this thing to work?" and "When are we going to see a 1080p version?" We've got the highlights lined up for you below.

Confirmed: Valve will exhibit living room PC hardware at CES

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Plantronics reveals GameCom 780 7.1 headsets/GameCom 380 headsets

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Plantronics met with PC Gamer today to talk about their new headsets, the USB 7.1 Dolby Pro Logic II GameCom 780 (and their lower-priced stereo GameCom 380, with analog jacks rather than USB). The 780 and 380 are both set for US release on January 15th. At launch, they’ll be available at retail in Best Buy stores nationwide, or—if you prefer shopping via mouse and keyboard—you can snag ‘em online through Plantronics.com/us or Amazon.com. The 780 will set you back 80 clams, while the 380 will cost you $50. Read on for more details!

CTA launches US Army brand peripherals

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Branded peripherals rarely have much to offer over the cheaper versions of the same kit without a special logo, but when they come with official endorsement from a power as high as the US Army, surely they must be worth considering? That's what CTA Digital is hoping to convince us with its new range of gaming gear which comes decorated with the registered trade mark of the larger US fighting force.