Candy Box

Candy Box 2 promises a brave new ASCII world to explore

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Candy Box has a sequel and it's available to play right now. If you're still reading and a bit baffled, then here's some background: Candy Box was a surprisingly deep (but not that deep) ASCII browser-based RPG released earlier this year. It tasked the player with accumulating candy, and importantly lollipops, in order to conquer a series of increasingly difficult dungeons.

Candy Box creator on surprise success, sequel plans and "Lolligators"

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Have you played Candy Box yet? It's a deceptively simple little ASCII browser game that's hooked more than 450,000 players during its brief lifespan. It starts with a candy counter that increases every second. You can hoard them or you can throw them on the floor. Shortly a trader shows up and offers you a sword in exchange for candies. Before you know it you're questing through dungeons, acquiring potions, meeting swawmp frogs, growing your own candy using Lollipops and going on sugar-crazed adventures.

Candy Box is creator aniwey's first publicly released game. He's a first year computer science student based in Caen, France who enjoys building little experimental games as a way of flexing his coding muscles. He had no idea that his little web game would get so big so fast, but he's already planning a sequel. I caught up with aniwey (who'd rather keep his real name private) on IM earlier to find out more about his sequel plans and try and solve Candy Box's biggest mystery - what happens when you keep throwing your candies on the floor?

Candies is an ASCII browser game about questing and candy

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Fancy a browser game that lets you accumulate candy for nix, build lollipop farms, taunt ASCII merchants and embark on quests in peaceful forests? That actually sounds perfect, doesn't it. Well that's what Candy Box let's you do. Your currency is candy, and your means of acquiring it is by doing nothing. Eventually, you'll be allowed to throw the candy onto the ground in lots of ten, which will eventually prompt a friendly candy merchant to appear, promising lollipops in exchange for portions of that auto-generating candy lucre.