Yogscast give Yogventures backers free Landmark key

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Previously on the Adventures of Yogventures: game devs, Winterkewl, raise over half a million dollars in Kickstarter money to make a Yogscast-themed open world sandbox game. That game is eventually cancelled backers are understandably not happy and a game called TUG is offered as a replacement. Now: backers have received a game key for Sony Online Entertainment's Landmark as well. Yogscast have struck a deal with SOE to provide Yogventures backers with a key for Landmark's Settler Founder's Pack which gives immediate, "unrestricted" access to the closed beta and a few small digital doodads as well.

Yogscast statement addresses Yogventures Kickstarter funding questions

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In an email sent to Yogventures backers that's been posted on Reddit, Yogscast co-founder Lewis Brindley said the $150,000 it received from the Kickstarter went toward physical rewards, marketing and "supporting the project," and added that the amount of money it's put into the project is considerably greater than any it received through crowdfunding.

Yogventures developer "as confused as everyone else" about Kickstarter funds

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The biggest question currently hanging over the collapse of Yogventures is the fate of the $150,000 in Kickstarter funds that Winterkewl Games founder Kris Vale says went to Yogscast shortly after the Kickstarter concluded. Vale claims a contract specifying how the money was to be used was never drawn up but the amount is roughly triple what the studio estimated as the cost for physical rewards, and he's "just as confused as everyone else" about what happened to the rest of it.

Yogscast declines to comment on claim it received $150,000 of Yogventures Kickstarter money

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The failure of the Yogventures Kickstarter has taken what may well be the first step toward ugliness with an assertion by the developer, Winterkewl Games, that $150,000 of the money raised went to Yogscast, which was to use it to create physical rewards and hire a lead programmer for the project. But roughly two-thirds of that amount remains unaccounted for, according to figures released in a new, final Kickstarter update, and while Lewis Brindley of Yogscast insisted in a response that the update "omits much," he didn't explicitly deny the allegation either, saying only that "there's no value in going into detail."

Yogscast respond to cancelled Yogventures, say its failure is a "deep regret"

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It's been an interesting week for YouTube outfit Yogscast. Over the weekend, their "YogDiscovery" revenue share program kicked off a discussion about the ethics and legality of YouTube promotion and disclosure. Now they've announced that Yogventures, a Kickstarter project in development by Winterkewl Games, has been cancelled.

Starbound official Let's Play shows good times with space-weapons and space-pickaxes

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Let's play Starbound, shall we? And by 'let's play' I of course mean 'Let's Play', which here means 'someone else plays while you watch'. But hey, that's better than nothing - and it's often more enjoyable than actually playing a game yourself, if you're an increasingly old and lazy type such as myself. At the Insomnia Gaming Festival, the Yogscast team did such a thing in front a live audience, playing promising indie sci-fi sandbox Starbound for around an hour in co-op. Catch it after the break.

Yogscast's main YouTube account temporarily terminated over age mix-up

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It's a little known fact that Google doesn't employ humans any more. Over the last couple of years, they've been slowly phasing out the troublesome, saggy flesh sacks for cleaner, leaner automated algorithms. Unfortunately, those algorithms were created by troublesome, saggy flesh sacks - which is why they occasionally do stupid things like this. This morning, YouTube terminated the main account of the Yogscast, after mistakenly deciding - for reasons beyond mortal understanding - that it was being run by under-13s.

Watch Notch, Freddie Wong, Valve, Bethesda, and us fight for charity, honor in Team Fortress 2

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For the benefit of children, TF2 Mixup invited me to play a few rounds of Team Fortress 2 with some Important Internet Individuals. The roster: Notch (Soldier), Freddie Wong (Sniper), Robin Walker (Demo), our pal Brian Brushwood from Scam School (Heavy), and more. The first round of three, on cp_gorge, is watchable inside. Any ad money generated from the video is being donated; and hey, you can still donate yourself.

Minecon Yogscast fall out down to "stress related misunderstanding" says Notch

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Minecon was supposed to celebrate the launch of the finished version of Minecraft, but that's been overshadowed by disagreements between Minecraft's creator, Notch and the Yogscast team.

A couple of days ago Notch tweeted his disappointment at the alleged behaviour of the video podcasters, whose Minecraft-centric videos attract millions of international viewers every day. "Celebrity or not, you don't f-bomb kids," he said, adding that “Yogscast repeatedly insulted people, talked behind their backs, refused to cooperate, and acted like total spoiled divas nonstop.”

The Yogscast team have now denied this in a response on Reddit, saying "the quotes and actions that Notch attributed to us were not said by us or published anywhere by us."

Minecraft's Notch versus Yogscast: the story so far

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Minecon wasn’t quite the Minecraft celebration developer Markuss “Notch” Persson was expecting. In fact, it’s the fallout that followed that’s put it in many gaming sites’ headlines - including Edge’s. It seems Notch and Minecraft-centric video podcast Yogscast had something of a falling out at the show.

Seemingly, it all comes down to Yogscast’s behaviour during Minecon. Notch started subtly without naming names, tweeting: “I'm very sorry about the behavior of the people we won't work with any more. Celebrity or not, you don't f-bomb kids.” This was rapidly followed up with, “Yes, Yogscast.”

Yogbox bundles Minecraft's best mods into one download

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We recently highlighted the Yogscast series of Youtube videos, in which players and commentators Lewis and Simon tried out a series of exotic Minecraft mods, recommended to them by the Yogscast community. Now the Yogscast team have put their heads together to create the Yogbox, a collection of the best Minecraft mods they could find, with the aim of improving Minecraft's single player mode without altering the game too much.

Yogscast try out Minecraft's quirkiest mod maps

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The Yogscast is a series of youtube videos in which adventurers Lewis and Simon, aka Xephos and Honeydew, play through a game of their choice, narrating their adventures as they go. They've gained remarkable success with their adventures in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm, and are well into a lengthy Minecraft survival series.

Most recently, however, they've taken a break from their survival campaign to play through a number of Minecraft mods recommended by members of the Yogcast forums. The brilliant Lost map shown above is just one of a selection that also includes a visit to the starship Enterprise, and a journey through a world of floating planets. The Yogscast team provide funny and playful introductions to some of Minecraft's most spectacular undiscovered maps.

You can find all of their videos on the Yogscast youtube channel. For more Minecraft mods, check out our pick of ten of the best.