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Steam's December hardware survey shows early Linux take-up

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Valve's monthly Steam hardware survey/tech-peen comparison chart has been updated to reflect what users have been playing on through December. The big change this month is the emergence of Linux, after the open-source OS went into full public beta at the tail-end of last year.

Windows 8 head Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

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Microsoft's leadership echelon experienced a shakeup in its Windows division yesterday with the sudden departure of President Steven Sinofsky for unexplained reasons. Sinofsky oversaw and was responsible for the development of both Windows 7 and Windows 8. Microsoft's official announcement states the mutually agreed decision takes effect immediately.

Microsoft restricts DirectX 11.1 to Windows 8

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Microsoft's latest operating system behemoth copped noticeable criticism across various issues leading up to its release, with notableindustryluminaries chiming in their opposition to the software's reclusive certification process and boxy exterior. Add another possible flashpoint: Neowin reports a Microsoft tech revealing DirectX 11.1's exclusivity to Windows 8 with "no plan" to retrofit Windows 7 with the latest version.

Windows 8 release date confirmed

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Last week Microsoft confirmed that Windows 8 was on course for a late October release, but Windows chief Steve Sinofsky has finally revealed the date on which the new operating system will be unleashed onto the world. Clear your diaries for October 26th, because that's when it lands.

The announcement was made at a sales meeting last night. It's yet to be confirmed that the Surface tablets will be available for sale the same day, although it's widely expected that they and other touchy feely new PC hybrids will be.

How to save even more space on your SSD

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How to get MapleStory working on Windows 7

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I downloaded MapleStory last night (an article one of our freelancers sent in for our May issue got me really excited to check out the recent changes)--only to find out that the game wouldn't launch on my Windows 7 machine. I browsed forums, I Googled, I asked friends. Everyone said they knew how to fix it--but they were all liars. So I tracked down the answer from the developers themselves. Here's how you can really get MapleStory to run on Windows 7--and it's easy!

Ask the expert: should I turn off UAC?

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If cross platform gaming were a horse race, the PC would be a thoroughbred. Faster, more powerful and with a penchant for expensive oats. Like any infinitely rarified animal or highly tuned machine, though, it doesn't take much to cause it damage. Our resident tech vet Adam Oxford is here to put it out of your misery.