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How EA's MOBA Dawngate is going to do things differently

Katie Williams at

With so many current and yet-to-be-released titles, you might feel as if you're floating in a veritable moat of MOBAs. So what will Dawngate, the MOBA that EA didn't-quite-announce last week, be doing to distinguish itself from the rest of the moat-murk? Quite a bit, actually, if this dev video's anything to go by. Dawngate definitely looks like a MOBA, but the old formula's being tinkered with to keep things fresh.

Dawngate site trails EA's new unannounced DoTA-like

Phil Savage at

Given the number of DoTA-likes being released, I can only assume the endgame is Meta Dota, an all-star version in which every hero is a different developer's attempt on the genre. It would be the most obtuse and complicated game ever created, and it's community would exist in a dark void of bile and anger. Here's another for its roster: Dawngate, which is EA studio Waystone Games' as-yet-unannounced game.