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Warren Spector named director of games design grad school at University of Texas

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Warren Spector, the legendary developer best known for Deus Ex and Thief, has a new job: director of the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy, a post-grad design school based out of the University of Texas in Austin.

Warren Spector takes on review aggregator Metacritic as a model that should be "irrelevant"

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In a column at GamesIndustry International Monday, game designer Warren Spector railed against the overwhelming power of Metacritic as a cultural arbiter of game quality. Spector’s past work includes classic game franchises like Deus Ex and Thief, so his thoughts on the industry tend to be well-respected, though sometimes controversial.

Early Deus Ex concepts involved "elements of conspiracy theory with X-Files weirdness"

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The rough preliminary outlines for Deus Ex described a more brutal world with more aggressive foes than the enigmatic cabals encountered in Ion Storm's cyberpunk RPG. Eurogamer's report goes over the design documents in detail, but a few highlights include an original vision incorporating "X-Files weirdness" and significant personality changes for major characters such as Tracer Tong and Joseph Manderley.

Warren Spector regrets listening to Invisible War focus testers

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There are two Deus Ex games. The original classic, and the brilliant recent sequel, Human Revolution. Sure back in 2004 there was an ill advised follow up called Deus Ex: Invisible War, but shortly after its release we all agreed that it never happened, and we would never speak of it again.

Warren Spector apparently didn't get that memo. Speaking to IGN during a preview of Epic Mickey he said he regretted listening to the feedback of focus testers when making the game.

Weekend leisure: Richard Garriott gives behind-the-scenes look at developing Ultima

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In 2007, Warren Spector taught a class at the University of Texas and invited 12 prominent developers to tell their stories of being pioneers in the game development industry, with the goal of preserving the history of our favorite hobby. His tenth guest was Richard Garriott, the game-developer-turned-astronaut who created the Ultima series of games that played a strong part in defining the RPG and MMO genres. In this 3-hour video, Garriott gives incredible insight into the process of making games, and is very frank about the problems, errors, and mistakes made along the way.

Spector created Deus Ex out of Thief frustrations

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Highly regarded developer Warren Spector has revealed that his sci-fi RPG epic Deus Ex was born out of his frustrations when working on Thief. Read on for more details.