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Batman: Arkham Origins developers have "no plans" for another patch, working on DLC instead

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Warner Bros. Games Montreal have revealed that they won't be releasing a patch for the remaining - potentially gamebreaking - bugs and glitches in Batman: Arkham Origins. Instead, the game's development team is "working hard on upcoming story DLC". Understandably, that means it's time to reset the "days since last community outrage" timer back to zero.

Batman: Arkham Origins launch trailer interrupts the Dark Knight's Christmas plans

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The plot of Arkham Origins would fit nicely into Adam West's Batman TV series. Eight assassins attempt to cancel Christmas, and permanently erase Batman from Santa's 'nice' list. Can he bring them to justice? Will Robin's turkey be too dry? And why is Alfred sneaking around with a red hat and fat suit? Of course, as this launch trailer proves, the third Arkham game exists on the other end of the Camp/Gritty scale. In other words, The Dark Knight better watch out.

Batman: Arkham Origins video walkthrough shows 17 minutes of punching and growling

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Here's a nearly 20 minute chunk of the new Arkham game. Much like the older Arkhams, there are a number of strong themes that permeate the game: grappling, gliding, punching, kicking, and futuristic-x-ray-vision-ing. One of the major differences this time is that the police haven't yet realised that Batman is an excuse to kick back and let someone else do the job for them, meaning he'll be grappling, gliding, punching, kicking, and futuristic-x-ray-vision-ing his way through them, too.

Batman: Arkham Origins trailer biffs, pows and thwacks its way into view

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This new Batman: Arkham Origins trailer wants to reassure you. It wants to sit you down and softly whisper, "shhh, it's okay. Even though I'm not being made by Rocksteady, my developers love punching just as much." Batman's going to need that fist-pounding aggression, too, with eight villains looking to track him down and a yet to be convinced Commissioner Gordon offering no help.

Batman: Arkham Origins reveals asymmetrical multiplayer, developed by Splash Damage

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I can't imagine many of the players who glided, swooped and pounced through the previous Arkham games stopped to imagine what it would be like to control one of the many anonymous, psychotic thugs. But, as this new trailer reveals, Batman: Arkham Origins plans to deliver on the experience anyway - with an asymmetrical "3v3v2" multiplayer, developed by Splash Damage. Players will fill the rosters of the Joker and Bane's gangs, hunting down a third two-man team comprised of Batman and Robin.

Check back later to read Evan's impressions of this newly announced multiplayer mode.

Batman: Arkham Origins trailer introduces Copperhead

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Batman: Arkham Origins is set during the Winter, which is a notoriously chilly time of year. Not that you'd know it from the game's superheroes and villains, who, judging by the trailers released so far, are all too happy to go gallivanting through Gotham in their skin-tight costumes. They'll catch their death, the poor dears. Copperhead is the latest assassin to show up for this climatically inappropriate fancy dress party, and is now forced to keep warm through the physical exertion of repeatedly kicking Batman.

Batman: Arkham Origins trailer contains gratuitous henchman violence

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Do henchmen get medical insurance? If not, I just can't see it being a viable career path. Sure, it's fine as you go about the day-to-day business of thuggery and robbing - that's the bread and butter stuff. But eventually Batman is going to come and pound your face into mush and, judging by this trailer - the full version of Thursday's brief teaser - you're in for some hefty medical bills.

It's not just anonymous face crushing: we also get a big CGI fight between Batman and Deathstroke.

Bats is back: Kevin Conroy returns for Batman: Arkham Origins [Updated]

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Update 2: In a now deleted tweet (captured by Reddit), Kevin Conroy said, "Confusion in Dallas! I am in new ARKHAM GAME coming soon, NOT ARKHAM ORIGINS coming this fall."

Update 1: In a statement to IGN, Warner Bros say, "Roger Craig Smith is confirmed as the voice of Batman and Troy Baker is confirmed as the voice of The Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins."

In which case, Conroy's part in the game is still unannounced. What we do know is that Arkham Origins is a series prequel, meaning Conroy could be returning as the older incarnation of Batman in some capacity. Until an official announcement is made, though, the nature of his involvement is speculation.

Original: Kevin Conroy has announced that he'll be reprising the role of Batman [Update: involved in some unknown capacity] in Arkham Origins. While the actor had played the role in both previous Arkhams, as well as various animated incarnations, it had been reported that Warner Brothers had dropped him for the impending prequel. Conroy confirmed his involvement at the Dallas Comic Con; the rumour of his departure presumably started by some joker... Or, perhaps, the Joker...

Batman: Arkham Origins' first teaser is short and punchy

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It's a good job that Batman is a professional combat unit, because there's more logo than action in this first teaser for the upcoming Arkham Origins. Take out the splash screens, and he gets just 11 seconds to butt heads and pound fists into the sword-welding Deathstroke. How is he supposed to finish off a confirmed super-villain in that sort of time?

New Batman: Arkham Origins screenshots look so very good

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Dear Batman: Arkham Origins,

Why do you tease us so cruelly? We’ve already gotten to know each other pretty well, what with your big announcement magazine cover from last month and your steady stream of new information and multiplayer news. We feel like we’ve known you forever, when really we’ve only just met.

We don’t care that you’re not being developed by Rocksteady anymore. We don’t care that Kevin Conroy won’t be lending his iconic voice to the Dark Knight. Arkham Origins, we just want to love you for you, and we just want to play you right now.

Batman: Arkham Origins reported to have multiplayer

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We're going to need to hone our investigative skills to get to the bottom of this one. Let's turn on Detective mode, and see if any clues emerge from the green-washed light. Hmm, a suspicious stain - Enable scan! It's cheap coffee, that which might be drunk by a hastily fleeing reporter. Let's follow the trail in the hope of... Aha! It leads to a quickly scribbled note, saying "Kotaku report that Batman: Arkham Origins will have multiplayer."

Batman: Arkham Origins announced, with a new developer in the Batcave

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A new Batman game has been announced, via the circuitous route of a GameInformer cover. It's called Batman: Arkham Origins, and is being developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, who... wait a second, what's happened to Rocksteady? Does their disappearance have something to do with released image of infamous mercenary Deathstroke? Well, someone had better call the Commissioner. It looks like we've got a bat to signal.