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A Golden Wake promises greed and glamour with a 1920s adventure

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Oh sure, the '20s may sound like a time of glamour and romanticism, but there were drawbacks. The great hats and sharp suits hide a nightmare world of internet-less boredom. Why, you couldn't even pass the hours with a cosy point-'n-click adventure game. An adventure like A Golden Wake, for instance, which will be the next game published by the Blackwell series' creators Wadjet Eye Games.

Blackwell Epiphany review

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It's fitting that, in the year the old guard of adventure game creators return with Broken Age, Broken Sword and Jane Jensen's Moebius, the Blackwell series reaches its conclusion. Across four previous games (and The Shivah before them), Wadjet Eye's paranormal investigations have quietly provided a confident variation on the classic point-and-click.

The Blackwell Epiphany launch trailer shows drama, ghosts, a headbutted policeman

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Thanks to my eerie psychic powers, I've been able to divine a release date for The Blackwell Epiphany. According to my spooky vision - and to the Wadjet Eye blog, which I was coincidentally reading at the time - the final game of the Blackwell adventure series will be released on April 24th. The spirits are whispering something else, too. Something about the existence of the launch trailer that I am watching right now. You know, sometimes I scare myself.

The Blackwell Epiphany trailer heralds announcement of last game in the series

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The Blackwell Epiphany was technically announced a year ago, when Wadjet Eye's Dave Gilbert posted about it on the Adventure Game Studio forums. One of the benefits of game design, though, is that you can mostly make up the pre-release teasers as you go. Hence now, and the game's official announcement, alongside a first trailer for the game. Both accompany the reveal that this will be the final game in the excellent adventure series.

The Shivah: Kosher Edition announced, remastered adventure coming to GOG and Steam next week

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Wadjet Eye Games' rabbinical adventure The Shivah is getting an enhanced edition re-release next week. Called the Kosher Edition, the game features entirely new art and music, and will have presumably been slaughtered in accordance with the proper rituals. It's also being displayed in the shop windows of GOG, Steam, and the Wadjet Eye site, which should mean easy access and enhanced visibility to a great point 'n click.

30,000 Steam keys stolen during Wadjet Eye Games' Halloween promotion

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Wadjet Eye Games was giving away Steam keys for its adventure game, The Blackwell Deception, on Halloween before President Dave Gilbert pulled the plug. Gilbert says he planned on giving away 50,000 keys in total, but quickly changed his plans when he discovered that 30,000 of the keys had been stolen.

Primordia players can now enhance their experience with a free graphic novella

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In our review back in February, we concluded that Primordia's heavily dystopian world was marred by a few problems, and that its potentially brilliant story doesn't quite get told. The latter is something that may well be fixed now with the debut of "Fallen," a three-part prequel story set in Primordia's robot-ruled universe, whose first chapter was released today.

Blackwell Epiphany announced - paranormal private eyes due to return in autumn

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What with the bright lights and loud noises of the PlayStation conference, it would be easy to miss a far more exciting announcement made last night. Wadjet Eye's Dave Gilbert took to the Adventure Game Studio forum to reveal Blackwell Epiphany, the fifth entry in the excellent Blackwell adventure series.

Primordia review

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Humans are a distant memory. Rugged robot Horatio Nullbuilt (Bastion’s narrator Logan Cunningham) passes the days studying the Book of Man and trading quips with his sassy droid Crispin, or traversing the desert on the lookout for scraps to maintain his beaten-up spaceship, the Unniic. But then their peacefully nomadic existence is shattered by the rogue robot Scraper – who steals the Unniic’s energy core – and they’re launched on a quest to retrieve it.

Playable demo for Primordia, Wadjet Eye Games' sci-fi adventure

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Wadjet Eye Games, makers of the excellent Blackwell series and the publisher behind Gemini Rue, have released a demo for their upcoming adventure game Primordia. Set in a post-apocalyptic robot society, you play as Horatio - voiced by the Bastion narrating Logan Cunningham - in a quest to bring back humanity so they can reformat the world afresh. Let's hope we remember where we left the reinstall disc. I'm always losing those bloody things.

The robots miss our company in Primordia

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Wadjet Eye Games' upcoming Primordia looks a little like Machinarium, a bit like Beneath A Steel Sky, and like a whole lot of fun. It's the story of a robot, Horatio, forced to venture into the remains of the world where mankind has long since checked itself out. Take a glimpse of the future in this trailer, starring the voice of Logan "Forever The Narrator In Bastion" Cunningham.

Gemini Rue woos Steam

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We were utterly impressed with 16-bit-style point-and-clicker Gemini Rue, which combines a beautifully scummy atmosphere with proper adult sci-fi storytelling. It’s already shown up in the Indie Royale bundle, but it’s also been added to Steam’s growing catalogue of point and click adventure titles. The Steam version adds a couple of new features - cloud saving, and 15 in-game achievements.

Gemini Rue review

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Boryokudan syndicate agents watch my every move as I relinquish my weapon and enter the futuristic criminal lair. In a dank room, the mob boss smugly reclines behind his desk. “I know everybody in this city, and I don’t know you,” he begins. Over the course of our meeting (a culmination of carefully-chosen dialog options), I win his trust, convince him that I’m a crooked cop (a lie) and agree to find the Boryokudan’s missing drug shipment in exchange for information on Center 7, the off-world criminal reconditioning facility holding my brother. There isn’t a lot of tension to this exchange—it can only play out one way—but the rich atmosphere and minimalist art style lets my imagination fill in the blanks with personal fears while brilliant sound design and thrilling sci-fi storytelling keeps me engrossed in a way I’ve never experienced in a point-and-click adventure game.

Gemini Rue released, demo now available

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Neo-noir adventure game Gemini Rue is out now. The game tells the story of two playable characters, retired assassin Azriel and Delta Six, a man trying to recover his identity after his memory has been wiped. You can soak up the atmosphere in the new demo, which lets you play through the game's opening.

Gemini Rue has a launch trailer, is out next month

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Gemini Rue is a neo-noir adventure game set in a dystopian future. It was one of the winners of last year's Student Showcase at the IGF. It's getting a full release next month and it's available to pre-order now. Watch the fantastic trailer below.