Uplay 4.0 infused with Twitch video streaming, automatic patching

Perry Vandell at

If you’ve played any Ubisoft game on the PC, chances are you’ve encountered Ubisoft’s online service known as Uplay. Experiences with the service have ranged from “fine” to “argh,” though Ubisoft is hoping to make the experience a bit better with its upgrade to Uplay 4.0.

Windows 8 release date confirmed

Adam Oxford at

Last week Microsoft confirmed that Windows 8 was on course for a late October release, but Windows chief Steve Sinofsky has finally revealed the date on which the new operating system will be unleashed onto the world. Clear your diaries for October 26th, because that's when it lands.

The announcement was made at a sales meeting last night. It's yet to be confirmed that the Surface tablets will be available for sale the same day, although it's widely expected that they and other touchy feely new PC hybrids will be.