Tomb Raider patch provides hair care for Nvidia users

Phil Savage at

Think of this latest Tomb Raider patch as the conditioner for AMD's fancy hair tech TressFX. Owners of Nvidia cards had been experiencing extreme optimisation issues when choosing to let Lara's hair wave free and loose. The update should smooth out those issues, bringing specific stability fixes for Nvidia and Intel cards, as well as "small" improvements to TressFX rendering.

Tomb Raider's GeForce performance issues being looked at by Nvidia and Crystal Dynamics

Phil Savage at

Nvidia released a new beta version of their GeForce driver this week, once again squeezing more incremental improvements from a bunch of games, both new and old. But one prominent release was missing from the list of tweaks: Tomb Raider. Lara's latest outing may continue Square Enix's quality porting form, but, as Chris notes in his settings overview, GeForce cards attempting to use AMD's new fancy hair tech TressFX suffer a drastic performance hit.

AMD's TressFX hair rendering magic revealed, makes Lara's locks look loveliest on PC

Dave James at

After teasing us all with its TressFX tagline - Render. Rinse. Repeat - AMD have today revealed their (apparently painstaking) collaboration with Crystal Dynamics: the world’s first real-time hair rendering technology in a playable game. Tomb Raider is the first title to get the treatment, with its bedraggled heroine's bonce featuring the most advanced follicle tech ever.

Realistic hair is, according to AMD, one of the most complex and challenging materials to accurately produce in real-time. With so many different strands and physics computations needed to model their interaction with each other, it’s no wonder that we’ve been stuck with chunky polygon make-weight barnets in gaming. But no longer.