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Tomorrow Corporation's Little Inferno is hot off the assembly line

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Tomorrow Corporation's follow-up to their tremendous World of Goo has been quietly smouldering away for a few years now, but we can finally 'kindle its bonfire' right now, as the game's available to purchase from the official site for $15. If you prefer things a little more 'Steamy', the game will set Valve's online store 'ablaze' and other fire puns at around 6pm. This PC release coincides with Little Inferno's launch on Wii U, but if you've pre-ordered the game you'll have had access to the beta version for a little while now, putting you one-up on those guys and their shiny new console.

Little Inferno release date confirmed - the new game from World of Goo dev

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Tomorrow Corporation has confirmed that its new game, Little Inferno, will get a November release for PC, coinciding with the arrival of Nintendo's latest toy computer, for which it is a launch title. That means November the 18th if the current plans hold. It should be available for download from the Tomorrow Corporation site, Steam and possibly a few other stores, depending on negotiations. But what will the game actually involve?

World of Goo designer teases new game, Little Inferno

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The Tomorrow Corporation is a three-man team of indie developers formed of World of Goo designer Kyle Gabler, Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure designer Kyle Gray, and former EA developer, Allan Blomquist. They've just dropped a teaser of their new title. It's called Little Inferno, and it appears to be a game about throwing treasured childhood toys into a fireplace in order to save the freezing world from a grim, icy death. That might sound slightly creepy, but it's okay, it's all communicated through the medium of a demented song. Oh no wait, that makes it even MORE creepy. Watch, and be slightly unsettled.