PC Gamer presents: The Complete PC Gamer Reviews Guide, out now

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Introducing The PC Complete PC Gamer Reviews Guide! This weighty 148 tome of judgement holds no less than 4,728 reviews from PC Gamer long history, from classics like Half-Life, Minecraft and Skyrim to stinkers like Big Brother and (dare I even speak its name) Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. From 1% to 96%, from shooters to strategies to sims, we've assembled twenty years worth of verdicts into one indispensable almanac - the ultimate buyer's guide and a celebration of PC Gamer's heritage rolled into one mag.

The Complete PC Gamer Reviews Guide is out now. For £9.99, you can order your physical copy through My Favourite Magazines or, for £6.99, download it to your iPad/iPhone via the PC Gamer App. Read on for a list of just a few of the thousands of reviews you'll find inside.