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The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman thinks Activision FPS "could be worthwhile"

Omri Petitte at

When Telltale approached Walking Dead comic creator Robert Kirkman with a proposal for an episodic adventure series based on his shambling works, he lauded the studio's plan to approach it with "decision-making and consequences rather than ammunition-gathering or jumping over things," as he told Game Informer in an interview. But what about the ammo-heavy and jumpy Walking Dead FPS Activision announced in July? In the same interview, Kirkman said Activision's given material could deliver a "worthwhile experience."

Saturday Crapshoot: The Blair Witch Project

Richard Cobbett at

Every week, Richard Cobbett rolls the dice to bring you an obscure slice of gaming history, from lost gems to weapons grade atrocities. This week... if you go down to the woods today, you'd better go armed to the teeth? Hmm. Wait. Somehow, that doesn't quite sound right...

Love it or hate it, The Blair Witch Project is unquestionably the pinnacle of horror movies in which nothing actually happens. Like trees? Seinfeld? Serial killers? Then this is the film for you. It'd be a great nap movie too, if not for all the shouting. Upon release, it raised many questions, notably "Wait, people actually think this is a true story?" and "If they all died, are those zombies on the talk-show circuit?" and "Didn't they consider just following the river until they made it out and could go buy pie?"

But for some, another, more important question beckoned. "How can we cash in on this?"

This is the story of how they failed.