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The 10 best apps for PC gaming

Adam Oxford at

??The most important program on your PC at any given moment is the game you're playing, but what about the helper apps that surround it? Some of them, like Steam, are so essential we're not even going to name them here. But what about the ones that surround your games like little oxpeckers around their favourite hippo, keeping things running just a little better than they otherwise might? Here's PC Gamer's list of the 10 best.

Ask the expert: messing with your mouse

Adam Oxford at

What do you do if your mouse goes wrong? That innocuous looking piece of plastic that sits beside your keyboard has proven to be somewhat problematic for a few followers this week. Which is a strange co-incidence because I've just written a column about troubleshooting mice for next month's mag.

StarCraft II tech support

Erik Belsaas at

The day we've all been waiting for is here! StarCraft II has launched, and most of you are probobly too busy playing to even read this post. However, we're here for the unlucky souls who bought the game only to find they can't get it to run. We've compiled a list of known issues that we will update throughout the day with known solutions. If you guys have any problems, feel free to leave them in the comments and we'll try to help out!