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L.A. Noire's blooper reel is cool (and a little bit creepy)

Phil Savage at

L.A. Noire's motion capture was impressive, but still required input from fallible human beings. Hence mistakes were made. Hence a gag reel of fluffed lines, misjudged delivery and sneezing was created. Only here, Depth Analysis - the firm that supplied the MotionScan technology - has released that reel using the in-engine characters from the game. The result is... kind of weird.

Whore of the Orient is the new game from L.A. Noire's director

Henry Winchester at

Depending on who you talk to, LA Noire was either a compelling masterpiece or a grand folly. One thing’s for sure, though; its creator Brendan McNamara had an ambitious idea for a game and followed it through.

His next game seems to be taking a similar retro-tact to LA Noire. According to Kotaku, it’s “one of the great untold stories of the 20th century.” Oh yeah, it’s also called Whore of the Orient - but we’re not sure how long that name will stick before a concerned parent makes them change it to “Chinese Detective Story”.

LA Noire developers Team Bondi go into administration

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Team Bondi, makers of open world detective game LA Noire, have gone into administration, report Edge. Team Bondi have had a difficult time since LA Noire was released on consoles in May, with the PC version scheduled for later this year, staff reported harsh working conditions and Rockstar refused to publish future titles from the team. Team Bondi now faces a challenge to either find a buyer for the studio or sell assets in order to stave off insolvency.

Exactly what impact this will have on the PC version of LA Noire, currently under development at Rockstar Leeds, is uncertain, but Joystiq claim that Rockstar are retaining the rights to the series.