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XCOM delayed between one and 12 months

Rob Zacny at

Take-Two announced today that XCOM, which was projected for a March release, has been delayed until fiscal 2013. For those of you who don't speak Accountant, that's sometime between April 2012 and March of 2013.

Take-Two did not explain the delay, and it could be that it wants XCOM to get some distance from its other early 2012 shooters, The Darkness II and Max Payne 3. Or perhaps they want to avoid Mass Effect 3. Or aliens did it.

But I think we've overlooked the most obvious explanation.

Fan-made Duke Nukem game gets Gearbox's blessing

Tom Senior at

Duke Nukem: Next Gen is a fan made project that aims to remake the original Duke Nukem 3D in the Unreal 3 Engine, and it’s being built with the support of the game’s publishers and developers. Read on to discover how the modders convinced Take Two to greenlight the game.