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Humans Must Answer, the ex-STALKER devs' sidescrolling shmup, releases next week

Tom Sykes at

Have we all come to terms with the fact that a couple of ex-STALKER developer are making a sidescrolling shmup where you control a crew of space-chickens? OK, take another few minutes. Humans Must Answer (why, is it an emergency?) was successfully crowdfunded around three months ago, meeting the modest goal of $5,000 without falling fowl to Kickstarter fatigue. And, hey, you'll be able to buy the finished game this coming Thursday, from either or the Humble Store for a poultry $10. Insert your own chicken puns after the break.

Humans Must Answer: ex-STALKER devs invade Kickstarter with indie shmup bundle

Phil Savage at

Humans Must Answer isn't the sort of project I'd expect from a bunch of ex-S.T.A.L.K.E.R. devs. Not the title - that seems right up their bleak, nihilistic alley - but the game, a 2D horizontal shoot 'em up full of colour, lasers and explosions. Then again, I suppose you can only spend so long plumbing the depths of atmospheric human misery before frantic arcade fun begins to look very appealing.