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Mod of the Week: Pilgrimage, for Arma 3

Phil Savage at

Our regular mod wrangler Chris Livingston is indisposed this week—likely pruning back his INIs, and exorcising rogue RARs. Normal service will resume next week. Before that, I'd like to step in to highlight Pilgrimage, an Arma 3 scenario that, judging from the response to Andy's showcase of the game's best solo missions, is a clear community favourite.

Team Fortress 2 now accepting merchandise designs through the Steam Workshop

Phil Savage at

Team Fortress 2 has shown that people will pay good money for virtual headclothes that sit upon the crown of the cartoon murderers they control in first person. Now Valve are trying something daring: seeing if people will pay for non-hats—not in the game, but in real life. The TF2 Workshop is now accepting community designs for new lines of merchandise to be sold through the Valve Store.

Dota 2 modding tools now in alpha, upload custom maps/modes to Steam Workshop

Tom Sykes at

Valve has announced, and released, the first alpha version of its Dota 2 Workshop Tools, which will make it easier for modders to make and share custom maps and game modes for their gargantuan wizard-'em-up. This initial release is focused around developers, so the system requirements might be a tad high: you'll need a 64-bit version of Windows, a Direct3D 11 compatible GPU, and you'll need to opt into the Steam Client Beta. If you have all those things, you can now use the tools to alter Dota 2 to your liking, uploading the results to the Steam Workshop for other players to try.

The 15 best Arma 3 player-created solo missions

Andy Kelly at

The Arma series is famous for its massive multiplayer battles, but there’s still fun to be had on the war-torn islands of Stratis and Altis by yourself. These missions can all be played solo, with a focus on small squads, infantry, or infiltration. They’ve all been created by Arma players using the game’s powerful built-in editing tools, and some are as impressive as anything in Bohemia’s own campaign.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon skin removed after DMCA takedown notice

Phil Savage at

You may remember CS:GO's M4A4: Howl as one of the most expensive weapon skins available for the game. Today, Valve announced their receipt of a DMCA takedown notice, stating that both the skin and the Howling Dawn community sticker were not the original work of the item's Steam Workshop contributors. "This matter is extremely serious," Valve wrote in a post to the CS:GO community, "and we have taken appropriate action to resolve it."

Designing an Escape Goat 2 level with creator Ian Stocker

Wes Fenlon at

"My usual approach to puzzles is to build backwards," says Ian Stocker. Most of the 100 puzzles in Stocker's game Escape Goat 2 started that way—with a door for the goat to escape through and an idea of how it would get there. In early April, Stocker updated the Steam build with a beta level editor and Steam Workshop support. When the build launches out of beta, all of Escape Goat players will be able to create puzzles with the same tools Stocker used for his own levels.

To get a jump on the inevitably heated Workshop competition, I sat down with Stocker to make a PC Gamer puzzle. After 30 minutes of building and brainstorming, I've got a co-designer credit to my name.

Portal 2 community map-pack Cosmogony is a great reason to return to Aperture

Phil Savage at

Every now and then, I like to visit Portal 2's Steam Workshop page. Not to download anything, you understand, but to experience the panic attack of knowing that somewhere in that list of 353,637 maps, there's something really good that nobody has bothered to play. Like great painters not recognised until long after their death, their masterpieces are untouched and their genius is unrecognised. And then I get drunk.

This time, I was too distracted by Cosmogony: a new six-part map-pack that was released earlier this month. Created by 'Dreey', it features a custom story, new locations and clever level design.

Bring glory to Arstotzka in this Civ V Papers, Please mod

Emanuel Maiberg at

This is brilliant. Steam user Snakeeeater337 has created a mod for Sid Meier's Civilization V that adds makes Papers, Please's Arstotzka a playable nation in the game, with its own units, special traits, and even a new map.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's first map of the next operation revealed

Phil Savage at

Valve's official Operations for CS:GO have proven to be remarkably popular among CT's and T's alike. Naturally, Valve are readying for the game's third major Operation, and have been holding a vote to determine which community maps would get the official server treatment. While, according to Valve, those votes are still being counted (what, are they doing it by hand?), some maps have proved popular enough to have already secured a place. In a post on the CS:GO blog, Cache is announced as the operation's first confirmed battleground.

Duke Nukem 3D adds multiplayer, co-op modes on Steam

Emanuel Maiberg at

Grab your 56 kbps modems and triple-barreled machine guns. Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition has just been updated with multiplayer and cooperative modes. The Megaton Edition, which includes the original game and three expansion packs, is also discounted by 60 percent on Steam until Friday, down to $4.

Duke Nukem 3D gets Steam Workshop support, dozens of fan-made maps

Tom Senior at

Earlier this week the Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton edition was updated with the level editor, Steam Workshop support and a guide explaining how it all works. AND LO, the mapmakers did come, and make a wide and varied collection of Duke levels for us to download and play for free while making happy nostalgic noises to ourselves.

Team Fortress 2 now accepting Halloween item submissions

Phil Savage at

I like to think that creators who've had their TF2 Steam Workshop items accepted into the game were alerted to the fact by an ominous rumbling from their monitor. Without warning, the screen gaped open, and a shower of money fired out. Would you like your own money shower? You can have one - assuming you possess the raw talent to create spooky virtual headgear from nothing - because Valve are now accepting Workshop submissions for their annual Team Fortress 2 Halloween event.

Take On Mars update adding Steam Workshop support, future plans include new environments

Phil Savage at

Bohemia have announced that they're launching a "major update" to Take On Mars later today, which will add Steam Workshop support to the sciency sim. With Workshop integration, players will be able to share new scenarios, and make use of new terrain and models. So if you've been put out by the game's flagrant disregard for a particular pattern of brown rock or dust, you've now got the opportunity to take matters into your own hands.

XCOM: Enemy Within mod tools aren't "on the table," but might be coming someday

Ian Birnbaum at

XCOM: Enemy Unknown was one of our favorite games last year, but the brilliant turn-based strategy game lacks the modding support we hope for in big PC games. In a new interview, XCOM designer Garth DeAngelis says that modding tools aren’t “on the table currently,” but that doesn’t mean they’re never coming.

Don't Starve gets fed Steam Workshop support, has new Ruins level for dessert

Tom Sykes at

It should be fairly easy not to starve in Don't Starve now, what with Klei's survival game having been given Steam Workshop support. Simply use the modding tools to whip up a tasty delicacy, or download someone else's from this rapidly expanding buffet. There's already rather a lot of cool mods available for the game, and now they can be more easily shared and integrated into yours. Additionally, Klei have added a new level to the Caves system: "the abandoned ruins of a once great civilization", home to an Ancient Guardian and a Dangling Depth Dweller Spider. Now that's alliteration.

Arma 3 beta gets Steam Workshop integration

Patrick Carlson at

Arma 3 now has Steam Workshop support, giving industrious players a chance to show off and share their own vision of the military sim. In beta since June, Arma 3 already had an in-game editor, but with Workshop support, access to the custom content should now be streamlined, according to a press release.

CS:GO's "Operation Payback" extended to the end of this month

Phil Savage at

Valve are extending their Operation: Payback campaign for another month. Which isn't to say they're planning another 30 days of making prank phone calls to the offices of EA's Origin - that's the other Operation: Payback. This one is the reward scheme for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mapmakers, giving players the chance to remunerate the community creators for their contributions to the game. Originally due to end July 31st, the programme will now run until the end of August.

Monaco level editor now available, features Steam Workshop integration

T.J. Hafer at

The Mole's Workshop, a free set of level editing tools, is now available for all Monaco players. Using simple tools which feature gamepad support (if you're into that kind of thing), The Mole's Workshop lets you place just about any element you've seen in the dev-created levels quickly and easily. This includes some handy little tokens that will generate random loot within a confined area that you define using invisible "loot blockers."

Left 4 Dead 2 update brings Linux support, adds "Extended Mutations" to Workshop

Phil Savage at

Like the zombies it's filled with, Left 4 Dead 2 just won't stay down. Valve continue to update their co-op FPS with new features - this time shoring up the game's Steam Workshop support with an official release of their Extended Mutations. In effect, they've mutated the mutators to provide advanced scripting tools to the community, allowing them to tweak rules and create new game modes. Like adding tiny, shrunken undead. They'd be cute if not for the biting.

Team Fortress 2 item set aims to raise money for SpecialEffect

Phil Savage at

Special Effect is a charity dedicated to helping people with disabilities enjoy games. As part of this year's fundraising drive, they've collaborated with a group of Team Fortress 2 item makers to create The SpecialEffect Charity Set 2013 - a three item collection of TF2 hats and miscellaneous items. The charity is now looking to the community for help getting the items approved and onto the MannCo store.