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Why EA's E3 documentary reveals missed the mark

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EA's conference was the strangest of the three I attended yesterday. Laid out more like an awards show than an E3 presentation, with dinner tables instead of places for everyone to sit, the publisher hit viewers with a strong mix of announcements and demos (kudos for breaking up the melodramatic sports trailers with explosions, dragons and a battleship on a golf course, too). Reveals took a different format this year, with mini-documentaries accompanying games that weren't quite ready to be seen in action yet. For Mirror's Edge, Criterion's next project, Star Wars Battlefront and BioWare's brace of new titles, EA focused more on the behind-the-scenes work and gave us only a few bits of new footage to dissect. I'm not sure it's an approach everyone is fond of.

Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay teased in E3 2014 behind-the-scenes video

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Last year at E3 2013, EA announced that Star Wars: Battlefront will return. This year, we see that DICE has indeed been developing Star Wars: Battlefront with a behind-the-scenes trailer to kick off EA's 2014 press conference. Excellent.

Star Wars: Battlefront II multiplayer ends with GameSpy, GameRanger comes to the rescue

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On May 31, GameSpy’s online matchmaking client will shut down, meaning the games that still use it will have to find a different solution or lose online functionality. So far, publishers and developers responded well, migrating most of the games you care about to Valve’s Steamworks. Today, we learned that Disney, which acquired LucasArts last year, will not do the same for Star Wars: Battlefront II. Luckily, GameRanger already has us covered.

The week's highs and lows in PC gaming

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Every Friday the PC Gamer team shines a torch into the dilated pupils of the week that was. As usual, read about the good stuff first, and then the not so good stuff on the second page…

Mod of the Week: Star Wars Ships, for Space Engineers

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While Evan continues to make a mockery of Star Wars canon, I thought I might try something different: sticking to the celebrated story that no one has a right to change (except George Lucas, who has the right to change it but really, really shouldn't). I noticed that Space Engineers, while still in early access, is a part of Steam Workshop, and that players have been busy constructing tons of Star Wars ships and bases. While I don't know if player creations are technically mods, it's player-made content, and I figure that's close enough for my purposes.

And so I present a completely accurate and above all respectful re-telling of the original Star Wars trilogy, in screenshots!

Pixel Boost: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

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Twice a month Wes guides you through the hacks, tricks, and mods you'll need to run a classic PC game on Windows 7/8. Each Pixel Boost guide comes with a free side of 4K screenshots from the LPC celebrating the graphics of PC gaming's past. This week: Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.

When it comes to Star Wars games, they don't make 'em like they used to. In the late 90s and early 2000s, the Dark Forces and Jedi Knight series married fun first-person action—full of iconic weapons and sound effects—with stories and characters from a larger fictional world. Kyle Katarn! Mara Jade! Luke Skywalker! They were all there, and the games they were in were good. After the first two Dark Forces, LucasArts handed the reigns to Raven Software, who amped up the lightsaber combat and multiplayer. All of the Jedi Knight games are available on Steam, so I relived my childhood Star Wars fandom with Jedi Outcast and took 25 4K screenshots in the process.

Uncharted creative director Amy Hennig joins EA's Visceral Games for Star Wars project

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Even if you’re exclusively a PC gamer, you've likely heard about Naughty Dog’s Uncharted games. They’re fantastic, for many reasons, but one thing that was always outstanding about them was the writing, which Amy Henning is largely responsible for. Last month, Henning left Naughty Dog, and there was a lot of speculation about where she’ll go to next. Today we learned that she landed at Electronic Art’s Visceral Games, where she’ll act as Creative Director on the team’s Star Wars project.

Reinstall: Star Wars Battlefront II

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Reinstall invites you to join us in revisiting classics of PC gaming days gone by. This week, editor Sam Roberts revisits the massively popular multiplayer shooter Star Wars: Battlefront II.

There’s been some serious money left on the table with Star Wars: Battlefront III's ongoing non-existence in the last nine years. Lucasarts’ changes in management, Free Radical’s collapse and EA’s purchase of Pandemic probably didn’t help matters, even if DICE's version is at least early into production now. What it means is that 2005’s Battlefront II is still somehow the best way of having large-scale Star Wars multiplayer battles on land (not so much in space), but despite that merit it’s been outstripped by most modern class-based multiplayer shooters.

Diary of a Droid Jedi - Star Wars Conquest, part 1

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Uninstall KOTOR. Forget TIE Fighter and Star Wars Battlefront. There is only one Star Wars video game, and it’s an unfinished mod for a six-year-old medieval RPG built by an indie studio from Turkey.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson wants to treat Star Wars games like Batman Arkham series

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Since Electronic Arts and Disney agreed last year to team up and produce games in the Star Wars universe, we've haven't heard much about what they have in mind other than a new take on Battlefront. That being said, a new interview with EA CEO Andrew Wilson at CNN Money makes it clear the publisher plans to go its own way rather than tie its games to the stories being developed for the next set of Star Wars films.

The Old Republic's Galactic Starfighter expansion is now free to play

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Star Wars: The Old Republic's latest expansion, the space combat mode Galactic Starfighter, has joined the MMO's free-to-play content. The dogfighting game-within-a-game had until today been playable for subscribers and "preferred status players" only, but now throws open its cockpit doors to anyone ready and willing.

Telltale founder interested in creating Star Wars game, other games in the works

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Telltale Games founders Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner held a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, where they discussed their process for writing stories and their successful episodic model while hinting at their plans for the future, and divulged what the developer's dream setting for future adventure games would be.

Star Wars: The Old Republic set to wipe long-abandoned character names

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According to an email sent to Star Wars: The Old Republic players, BioWare will soon begin a “Character Name Renewal” program, targeting inactive players. Free-to-play characters who have not logged in to the game for long periods of time will have their names released into the general pool for anyone to use.

Star Wars: The Old Republic adds PvP space battles in free expansion

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The second expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic has a name and a date. Galactic Starfighter, a free expansion will introduce rail-free space combat to the game for the first time, in the form of 12v12 PvP dogfights. How soon you'll be able to join in depends on your Subscriber/Preferred status in the game.

Lucasfilm is registering domains for "Star Wars Attack Squadron"

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I know everyone’s still buzzing about a new Battlefront game from this year’s E3, but you might want to keep your viper probe droids on alert for a new Star Wars game as Lucasfilm has been quite busy registering domains with the name "Star Wars Attack Squadron."

Star Wars: The Old Republic adds Ewok companion as part of update 2.3

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Hate them or hate them, Ewoks will forever remain part of the Star Wars mythology, in all parallel universes except for the Revenge of the Jedi one from BioShock Infinite. Probably. As part of update 2.3, the cuddly murderous rebels - or one in particular - are now being added to Star Wars: The Old Republic as the MMO's newest companion character. Say hello to Treek, a heavy armor user with both heal and tank stances, not to mention and an adorable wittle furry face.

EA exec: DICE-developed Battlefront almost didn't happen, Mirror's Edge 2 only possible now

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Electronic Arts may not have introduced too many new IPs at its E3 press conference, but with a new Mirror’s Edge and Battlefront game underway, it didn’t really have to. The internet has been salivating over those two franchises for years, hoping beyond hope that the massive publisher would come through. Thanks to an CVG interview with Executive Vice President of EA Games Label Patrick Söderlund, we now know more about what was going on behind the scenes.

What we want from Star Wars: Battlefront

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A new Battlefront game is one of those holy grails of PC gaming that we’ve all been dreaming about since we were losing sleep to Battlefront 2 in 2005. Now that we’ve got confirmation that DICE is working on the next chapter in the Battlefront saga, our heads are spinning with hopes and dreams from a galaxy far, far away. Here’s what we want from the new Battlefront.

Star Wars: The Old Republic offers double XP weekends, first of three starts now

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The first of three consecutive double XP weekends in Star Wars: The Old Republic begins today, giving you a chance to take a risk on an outlandish new character build or burn through some new levels with an old favorite in the MMORPG. XP being the precious mana of nearly any online multiplayer game, we're always on the lookout for ways to get more of it.

EA exec discusses the company's next-gen future

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“Going above and beyond the call” was one of Electronic Arts’ many jabs at its rival during the marketing campaign for Battlefield 3, but an EA exec now thinks focusing on its competitors was the wrong move.