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Football Manager 2012 release date announced, scouting detailed

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Sports Interactive recently announced that the latest entry in the veteran Football Manager series would be out later this year. Eurogamer have the date. It's October 21. The release date announcement was revealed in the first entry in what will become a series of blog posts providing detailed info on FM 2012's new features. Today, Sports Interactive studio director Miles Jacobson discusses improvements to the scouting system, and talks about the unique inside access the studio has to professional scouts in the field.

Update: slotted in the latest trailer above. Thanks to The Reticule for the heads up.

Football Manager 2012 announced, will have 800 improvements, updated 3D match engine

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The goalposts are still ringing from the first weekend of the new Premiership season and Sports Interactive announce that Football Manager is back. The 2012 edition boasts 800 updates to the transfer system, scouting, interface and 3D match engine. There's no precise release date yet, but it'll be out before Christmas.

The 10 best skins for Football Manager 2011

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Football Manager is, despite everything, a game about menus. You can and will spend most of your playing time staring at rows of numbers, so why not pretty them up a bit? We've collected five of the best Football Manager skins to make your stat crunching a little bit shinier. Find them, along with installation instructions, beneath the cut.

Best Football Manager 2011 signings

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Since our last article on Football Manager 2011 Sports Interactive have put up one of their habitual data updates, making some players hard to obtain and bringing new ones into contention, so let's take a tour of the best bargain buys for your team in Football Manger 2011.

Football Manager 2011 update is live

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The latest Football Manager 11 patch will update the player database to include all the hirings and firings of the January transfer window. As well as the updated rosters, the patch will add a ton of fixes, interface tweaks and balance adjustments. The changes will improve everything from the player/manager conversation system, to the accuracy of Uraguayan TV revenues.

Football Manager dev awarded O.B.E. by the Queen

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Studio Director of Sports Interactive, the studio behind the stellar Football Manager series, has been awarded an OBE by the Queen in the latest round of honours awards. In full, O.B.E. stands for Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, and is one of a series of chivalric awards created by George V, the highest of which makes you a knight of the British Empire. Suffice to say, not too many game developers have made the esteemed honours lists.

Football Manager 11's best cheap young players

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With every release of Football Manager, hundreds of new players are added as they rise through the ranks and become noticed by Sports Interactive's extensive scouting network. In every Football Manager game there are a cluster of young prodigies hidden away in teams you've never heard of. These fresh faced wonder kids improve rapidly with training and can let you put together an unstoppable team for almost nothing. Read on for our pick of the best in each position.

Football Manager 2011 sweeps UK all-format charts

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If there were any doubts about Football Manager's status as a PC gaming colossus, they've been dispelled today by the release of the results of the official UK all-format charts for the UK. Football Manager 2011 has rocketed to the number one spot, beating the likes of Fifa 11, Fable 3 and Fallout: New Vegas to go top of the table, and it's only been out since Friday.

Football Manager 2011 review

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In a pretend press conference, I’m being asked multiple choice questions by a faceless interviewer. It’s my first season in Football Manager 2011 and I intend to take it seriously. To help me see through the clinical stylings of the game’s UI, I imagine I’m being asked these questions by a beige PC wearing a reporter’s hat.

10 essential Football Manager 2010 mods

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The next instalment of Sports Interactive's monolithic management series is just around the corner, but that doesn't mean Football Manager 2010 is out of the picture. Since release, the Football Manager community have even set about improving the game with new mods, databases and utilities. We've picked out ten of the best. Ever wanted to play in a league containing every single team in the world? Read on for new leagues, coaching tools, photo packs, UI overhauls and much, much more.

Football Manager 2011 demo is out

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Earlier this week we mentioned there was a Football Manager 2011 demo on the way, and it's now out and available to download from Steam. One of the new features models player negotiations more realistically, but even in a virtual world it seems unlikely that Wayne Rooney and Alex Ferguson will get back together. Give it a try and grab the demo here.

Football Manager 2011 demo out Thursday

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Football Manager 2011 is out soon, dooming many of us to dozens of hours of horribly addictive management action. If you really, really can't wait, then you'll be glad to know there's a demo coming to Steam on Thursday.

Miles Jacobson on Football Manager 2011

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The latest Football Manager title, Football Manager 2011, is scheduled for a Christmas release. I interviewed Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive's Studio Director, to discover some of the new features that his team have implemented over the last year. A lot has changed. For detailed info on what's better, what's gone, and what's new, read on.