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Space Marine creator: Captain Titus would have "gone rogue" if the series had continued

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Space Marine, the ultra-violent close-combat exploration of the grisly Warhammer 40K universe, was a good game that didn't get enough attention. Still, had THQ not completely imploded at the end of 2012, Space Marine’s protagonist Captain Titus was planned to have been at the center of two more games. The game’s director, Raphael van Lierop, is now part of the team that successfully Kickstarted The Long Dark, and he claims to have had big plans for Titus.

Space Marine getting free capture the flag, paid Chaos Unleashed DLC to expand Exterminatus

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The evil gods of Chaos tend to use fear and the promise of power immortality to motivate their warriors, but it turns out all they really need is an experience system and a linear series of unlocks. THQ are setting out to prove this with a new lump of paid DLC for Space Marine's recently added co-op survival mode, Exterminatus.

THQ "not sure if there's room" for Space Marine sequel

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THQ's executive VP of core games, Danny Bilson has been talking to Joystiq about the possibility of a sequel to Space Marine. His muted reaction isn't good news for those hoping for a bigger and better follow-up. He says he's "not sure if there's room" for Space Marine 2, thanks in part to the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 MMO, Dark Millenium Online.

Bilson points out that THQ have "already annouced the Imperium in the MMO as a class you can play," and notes that it's "very active, as opposed to the more turn-based stuff. I'm not sure there's room for Space Marine." Dark Millenium's estimated 2013 release could put it in competition with a Space Marine sequel.

PC Gamer US December issue: Hands-on with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Skyrim. The very name makes all other roleplaying games tremble in fear. But not PC Gamer—we charged into Bethesda's breathtaking new game world without regard for personal safety. We emerged hours later with a sacred tome containing the tales of our adventures therein, which we now present to you in the form of this month's cover story.

Once you've read and reread the Skyrim feature, be sure to check out the 50 things you need to know about the free-to-play MMO shooter Firefall. We've also got a preview on Gearbox's gorgeous-looking Borderlands 2, in-depth insight into PlanetSide 2, and the review of Relic's Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. Also, see which mouse tied the highest review score ever. This, fellow PC gamers, is sexy hardware at its best.

Space Marine DLC release date announced, Exterminatus arriving October 25

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The Exterminatus mode for Space Marine will be available as a free download on October 25, Eurogamer report. Exterminatus will add two co-op arenas, Assault on Hab Center Andreas, and Escape from Kalkys Facility. In each of these up to four marines must fend off increasingly brutal waves of enemies made up of Ork and Chaos enemies.

Each member of the squad can choose to be Tactical Marine, a Devastator or an Assault Marine, and will be able to use perks unlocked in multiplayer to gain an advantage over the AI controlled hordes. Kills in Exterminatus will give you experience that will level up your characters in competitive multiplayer, too. Teams will be rated in each round based on their performance. Point multipliers and "dynamic challenges" aim to keep the survival maps fresh.

PC Gamer UK Podcast 60 - Skyrim, Space Marine and Diablo 3

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We've gathered together for an extra long PC Gamer podcast to celebrate our return after a bit of a hiatus. We discuss Tom's trip to play Skyrim, get excited about Firefall and Planetside 2, have a think about Space Marine co-op and chat about Diablo 3's spectacular runestones.

Download the MP3, subscribe, or find our older podcasts here.

PC Gamer US Podcast #287: SMAZ (Space Marines and Zombies)

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Slowly but surely, the intern takeover/revolution is beginning. Join us as Gavin leads Dan, Evan, Lucas, and newcomer intern Greg into battle, discussing their impressions of Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, Dead Island, Hard Reset, and the trials and tribulations of proximity mines in Goldeneye: Source. We also (attempt to) answer the age-old question: do unlocks in multiplayer FPS games enhance or encumber our experience?

PC Gamer US Podcast 287: SMAZ (Space Marines and Zombies)

Space Marine review

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I love my thunder hammer. I love the crackle of blue energy dancing across the weight on the end as my Space Marine – Ultramarines Captain Titus – hefts it backwards. I love swinging into the gurning face of an ork. I love chaining together three standard attacks, whirling and spinning with destructive force, before pressing F to slam my hammer into the floor, stunning every alien, monster, and monstrous alien in the vicinity.

But life is difficult, because I also love my chainsword, and I can’t carry both. Oh, and can I tell you about my power axe? I want to explain how satisfying it is to boot a Chaos cultist very hard in his scarred face before burying a five-foot axe in his shoulder. Sorry, hang on. I’ve got too excited. Let me calm down.

Space Marine co-op screens and trailers show ONLY WAR

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The first screenshots of the Space Marine co-op mode, Exterminatus, have arrived. They show four players of various Space Marine chapters holding off an Ork horde. In addition, there are also trailers for the Power Axe and Chainsword, joining the previous Thunder Hammer trailer for more completely over the top Warhammer 40,000 goodness.

Space Marine is released in September, the co-op mode will be added, as free DLC in October. FOR THE EMPEROR!

Space Marine interview talks characters, multiplayer, customisation

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[bcvideo id="1067576309001"]
Good news for fans of bright pink Space Marines, Relic's new third person shooter has extensive character customisation in multiplayer. In this interview, Kim chats to Relic's James McDermott about characters, story, multiplayer and taking inspiration from Dawn of War. Take a look if you plan to create an Adeptus Fabulous chapter when Space Marine is released on September 8th.

Space Marine teaser screenshot features "a hidden evil"

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Relic have released a new teaser shot for Space Marine. There's a Space Marine, and a hallway. It's a pretty big hallway, but what's this at the end of the hallway? Some sort of hulking shadow. VG247 received the image, and say it's named "a hidden evil." It's not that hidden, it's standing right there in a shaft of light. Everything we've seen of the 40k third person brawler has shown Ultramarines chopping up Orks, but that doesn't look like an Ork, does it? HMMM, what do you think?

THQ unleash two new Space Marine shots

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In an industry where every other rugged, alien-planet-bound solider is known as a space marine, we shouldn't be excited when it comes to a game called Space Marine. But of course we are, because the Warhammer 40,000 universe has the most awesome power-armoured guys in the business. To wet our appetite for the blood-bath that is Space Marine, THQ have released another two images. Follow us through to see them in all their glory.

PC Gamer UK Podcast 44: The Lost Podcat

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Wet and shivering, the lost podcat scurries into the warm glow of your RSS feed. We know, it's been two and a bit months. We are sorry. To make up for it, here's the podcast we recorded at the same time as the Team Fortress 2 special but never got around to putting up. We'll also have a new and shiny one for you within the week, when our regular podding will resume.

Rich explains what's new in Dragon Age 2, and tries to excuse BioWare using the term 'hotrodding the art style'. Tim's seen Relic's Warhammer 40K shooter, Space Marine, and has lots of good things to say about Company of Heroes Online. Craig actually talks about a strategy game for the first time ever, and it's one in which 'raise the GDP of China' is a mission objective. Meanwhile Tom - hello - explains the brutal difficulty of trying to bake 300 loaves in Stronghold while stalking mounted archers with your slow but unstoppable terminator king.

Download the MP3, subscribe, or find our older podcasts here.

New Space Marine trailer: eyeball of war!

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It's the attack of the trailers! Fresh from Gamescom, Relic have released an intimate new trailer for Space Marine in which we actually go inside an Ultramarine's eyeball. In there we find endless war, in the form of some awesome new moving pictures in which a Space Marines shoots, slashes and curbstomps a host of Orks.

Confirmed: Space Marine will use Steamworks

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Earlier in the week Shacknews sighted a popup in a demo of the PC version of Relic's upcoming Space Marine action game that led them to speculate the game would use the much-despised Games for Windows Live service. Previously, Relic has used GFWL in its Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II games.

Much to our delight, THQ contacted us to refute that claim. Global Communications Manager Simon Watts officially confirms that Space Marine will use Steamworks, not Games for Windows Live, for its DRM and multiplayer matchmaking.

PC Gamer UK September issue - Dragon Age 2

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PC Gamer 217 is now loitering on the shelves of a newsagent, petrol station, or supermarket near you. Go forth! Buy it! Try not to talk to anyone on the way there! Don't get in any strange cars! And in case it's too dangerous to go alone, take this handy guide to the best of the mag.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine announced

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It's got a Space Marine in it, he fights Orks, it's a third person shooter, it's being made by Relic, and THQ have confirmed that it's coming to PC. You may now open the envelope marked "excite." We've got some screens and a trailer below, but if you're some sort of Ork-rights activist, you should probably sit down first.