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Colonial Marines devs TimeGate Studios reportedly laying off all staff

T.J. Hafer at

Last week, we heard that Aliens: Colonial Marines co-developers TimeGate had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection following poor reception of the game and a false advertising lawsuit. As of today, Kotaku reports that its sources are saying the studio's staff has been laid off.

Section 8: Prejudice announces multiplayer beta

Tom Senior at

It seems like only yesterday (it was yesterday) that Tom F was lamenting that more people didn't play Section 8. Released late last year, it was a multiplayer shooter where death didn't mean death. It meant another chance to freefall into combat from a hovering dropship.

Hopefully Section 8: Prejudice, the sequel, will scratch the same itch but find a larger audience. There's a video of the robo-suited shooter in action below, along with details on how to apply to the rapidly approaching multiplayer beta.

Gorgeous Trine 2 footage shows co-op action

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Released last year, Trine was beautiful platformer with body-swapping puzzles and co-op. A sequel is in the works, and a new video released this week suggests it's going to be more of the same, with online co-op making it even easier to play together.