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Two Worlds 2 review

Desslock at

Of all the open-world roleplaying games of the past decade, Two Worlds was likely the worst. Its titular globes represented an unpolished, badly translated Gothic-clone orbiting an interminable, lifeless Oblivion-clone. Yet this sequel almost completely redeems the series. Its combat is innovative, character choices are meaningful, it’s gorgeous to explore and it’s largely bug-free. Until it peters to a linear, inglorious finale, Two Worlds 2 offers remarkably satisfying open-world adventuring. In two words: much better.

Stronghold 3 opens trebuchet ammo poll, Kingdoms beta launches

Tom Senior at

You're in a castle. You have enough food and clean water to last for months. "Ha!", you think "that foolish besieging army will never breach these fine walls. Truly we are safe." Then comes the distant sound of a trebuchet firing, and something sails over the wall, blocking out the sun. Is it a cow? Is it a pack of diseased badgers? Firefly Studios, developers of castle building and besieging sim, Stronghold 3, want you to decide.