SLI remarks: two Nvidia GTX 650 Ti Boosts are faster and cheaper than a GTX 670

Dave James at

As a techie person and all-round good egg, people often ask me for advice and assistance putting gaming systems together. And more often than you might think I get asked specifically about building multi-GPU setups. Normally I’d scoff, put on my best smug face and patronise them mercilessly.

“Whatever you’re going to spend on a multi-GPU array,” I’d say, “go and spend that on the fastest single-GPU graphics card you can afford. You’ll thank me in the end.”

And then Nvidia go and release the GTX 650 Ti Boost, immediately putting that received wisdom into question.

NVIDIA launches GeForce GTX 690

Adam Oxford at

What's better than a brand new GeForce GTX 680 with which to upgrade your PC on a fine and sunny spring morning? Try two GeForce GTX 680s lashed together on one card. That's what NVIDIA has built: they announced a twin chip monstrosity called the GeForce GTX 690 yesterday.

The GTX 690 be on sale by Thursday, apparently, although the lack of online reviews and apparent paucity of sample availability suggests that if you do want to buy one, there may be a bit of a queue.

Or will there?