Shoot 'em Up

Max Payne meets Watership Down in free action-platformer Mayhem Triple

Tom Sykes at

I've been warning people for years about the possibility, nay inevitability of Earth's extinction by a race of intergalactic bunnies, and now it's too late - unless Miguel 'Mig' Carter can put a stop to them. Dustin Gunn's Mayhem Triple has been been in development for ten years, and now that it's finished he's rather generously decided to release it for free. It's an action-heavy platform shooter with more bullets and bunny wabbits than a Hanna-Barbera short, and with added Max Payne-style swan dives and roly-polys. Grab the game hare, or stick around for the extraordinary launch trailer.

99 Levels to Hell: a Spelunky-like roguelike-like with an emphasis on, like, blood and guns

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It turns out Dante was wrong about the whole Hell thing. Rather than consisting of nine circles (each more circular than the last), Hell is actually more of a straight ride down - a 99-level tunnel punctuated by the occasional boss fight, and with Hell itself waiting patiently at the end. Either way, I'm not convinced it's worth a visit - the museums are terrible - but that hasn't stopped the be-hatted, moustachioed dude from 99 Levels to Hell from diving in. His game is a roguelikey platformer with destructible terrain, guns, gore and plenty of demons trying to kill you; if you're a fan of Spelunky, you're probably downloading it already.

Ballpoint Universe is a game made with a ballpoint pen (also, computers and stuff)

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It's heartening to think that you could just pick up a pen and make a PC game, but as anyone who's wrestled with game development programs knows, that pesky 'computer' part currently insists on getting in the way. Still, they're good for making graphics, as this homemade indie shoot-'em-up shows. As discovered by IndieGames, Ballpoint Universe's art assets were done entirely with a ballpoint pen, before being scanned into a computer and turned into the player, enemies, bullets and so on. The result is rather beautiful - and there's a beta version available here.

Jamestown review

Tim Edwards at

Some games should not be played alone. World of Warcraft. Counter-Strike. Kiss-chase. Hide the sausage. Add to that list Jamestown: a 2D top-down pixellated scrolling shooter set on Mars. With four friends in co-op, all figuring out how their different space-boat-ship things work together and using the ‘Vaunt’ ability to protect each other, it’s riotous fun. On your own, less so.