99 Levels to Hell: a Spelunky-like roguelike-like with an emphasis on, like, blood and guns

It turns out Dante was wrong about the whole Hell thing. Rather than consisting of nine circles (each more circular than the last), Hell is actually more of a straight ride down - a 99-level tunnel punctuated by the occasional boss fight, and with Hell itself waiting patiently at the end. Either way, I'm not convinced it's worth a visit - the museums are terrible - but that hasn't stopped the be-hatted, moustachioed dude from 99 Levels to Hell from diving in. His game is a roguelikey platformer with destructible terrain, guns, gore and plenty of demons trying to kill you; if you're a fan of Spelunky, you're probably downloading it already.

99 Levels to Hell is good with numbers; in addition to the game's 100 levels (I assume Hell is #100), it also boasts of 25+ monster types and 50-odd weapons and power-ups. Because this a roguelike, you can expect shops and casinos (wait, is that a RL thing now?) to make an appearance as well, on your procedurally generated journey to Satan's sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-basement flat.

99 Levels to Hell is available for $9.99/around £6.99. Here is the game's infernal launch trailer:

Tom Sykes

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