Shinji MIkami

The Evil Within trailer features classical music, long walks

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"This is nice," I think, as a man limps and stumbles through a corridor. That's the power of Debussy for you. Clair de Lune can make anything seem serene. Don't worry, it doesn't last. By the time the barbed wire and tentacle faces show up, this The Evil Within trailer has all gone a bit industrial.

The Evil Within screenshots show more monstrous beasts

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I've had to stop myself from counting the horror clichés in The Evil Within trailers, as it was putting me off a survival horror game that ought to have much to recommend it. It's from Shinji Mikami, who made Resident Evil, and in a quite unrelated genre occupied only by itself, God Hand. But then he also worked on Dino Crisis. But then he also worked on the excellent Vanquish and Killer 7. I am so confused. Will these new Evil Within screenshots clarify matters? The main with a box for a head suggests "no".

The Evil Within trailer is a master of understatement, and blood rivers

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"There's something wrong with this place," states the voiceover in this new trailer for The Evil Within. That's the sort of thing I usually say after Chris and Andy finish another Christopher Walken impression-off, or when Ben says... well, anything, really. But in the midsts of a blood river gushing down a corridor? Something of an understatement. Clearly, then, the protagonist of Shinji Mikami's next survival horror is made of sterner stuff than I. A good job, too.

The Evil Within release date set for late August

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Bethesda couldn't have picked a better time to announce the release date of The Evil Within. Nothing says Valentine's Day affection like the fetid mould of a nightmarish industrial hellscape made from razor wire and screaming. You can certainly feel the love oozing through the game, assuming that by "love" you really mean "pools of clotting blood". Well, it is a holiday all about the heart.

The publisher has certainly realised my own worst nightmares, by revealing the August 26th launch through a Vine teaser. Shudder.

The Evil Within gameplay trailer shows that hiding trumps chainsaws (good to know)

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I can't think of a situation in life that can't be solved by hiding. Tough exam coming up? Simply hide under some coats and hope that somehow everything will work out. Stole a joke from The Simpsons? Simply hide under the bed until Matt Groening stops hammering on your door. Stocky Leatherface-type dude chasing you down with a chainsaw, in a 12-minute trailer for the 2014-bound horror game The Evil Within? Simply hide in a locker until he goes away. Then you can flee outside to find that...some sort of apocalyptic event has occurred. Where the Hell are you going to hide to solve that?

The Evil Within trailer shows bad omens, ignores them

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An asylum surrounded by abandoned police cars, a main character rushing to the scene, the unmistakable sense that Bad Things are afoot. But what happens next? Is it: a) cheery resolution, joviality and picnics, or b) mounting dread, gore, and bursting limb monsters? I've got my suspicions. Let's find out if they're correct as we go through The Evil Within's Tokyo Game Show trailer.

The Evil Within interview accompanies a gameplay demo that is nasty, brutish, and short

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Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within made the rounds at E3 this week, with Bethesda’s VP of marketing and PR, Pete Hines, giving interviews and doling out screenshots. During a video interview with PlayStation Blog’s Sid Shuman, however, the real story was playing out behind the interview, where a gameplay demo can be seen.

The Evil Within is "pure survival horror" says Bethesda VP Hines

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Bethesda marketing vice president Pete Hines has been making the interview rounds at E3 to talk about work on The Evil Within, an upcoming survival-horror game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami. In a new Rev3Games interview Hines throws out some intriguing new details about the development process, Japanese versus "western" games, and as well as what it takes to scare people in 2013.

The Evil Within screenshots show the horror of a world without cleaners

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Would you look at the state of this place. Sure, it's an evil hell world of death and terror, but is that any reason to forget basic hygiene? What are those shambling monsters doing when you're not around to be chased? Could they not pick up a mop? Well, it's too late now. These screenshots of The Evil Within have released in all their grimy, blood-soaked glory.

Shinji Mikami spills guts on streamlined HUD and nail bombs in his new survival horror The Evil Within

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The Evil Within, you'll recall, marks Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami's grand return to survival horror, after years spent overseeing such esoteric action games as God Hand, Vanquish, and the sorta horrific swearfest Shadows of the Damned. Bethesda gave us a live-action trailer that didn't reveal much the other week, but now we have some details straight from the horse's... man's mouth. We also have screenshots that reveal, yes, it's a third-person, gore-filled horror game, rather than the knockabout karting title that was rumoured previously. Read on for enlightment, and pictures of disgusting monsters.

The Evil Within announced - here's what Bethesda have been teasing all week

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After days of creepy Vine teasers - later revealed to be Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s new survival horror, codenamed "Zwei" - Bethesda have now officially announced the project with a short teaser trailer. It's a live-action montage of gross looking stuff - more like a 90s industrial music video than a game trailer. But we do get its real name: The Evil Within.

Zwei: a "true survival horror game" from Resident Evil, Vanquish dev Shinji Mikami

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Today Bethesda announce that they're publishing a survival horror game called Zwei (that means "two"!!! - Enthusiastic German Ed). It's the first game from Tango Softworks, a studio formed a couple of years ago by the relentlessly impressive Shinji Mikami. He has senior credits on Vanquish, God Hand, Devil May Cry, Killer 7 and, more importantly in this case, all of the Resident Evil games up to and including Resi 4.

“A true ‘survival horror’ game is one in which the player confronts and overcomes fear," he said to someone recently, according to the press release. "I've found my focus and once again I'm striving for pure survival horror. I am being very hands-on in the development of this game to ensure that the quality is there. Rest assured.”

There are no further details yet, but to convey a sense of what the game might perhaps feel like a bit a collage OF HORROR has been released, made up of art for a few of Zwei's locations. Read on and click to see it full size IF YOU DARE.