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Cargo Commander review

Phil Savage at

Alone in space, with nothing but emails from loved ones, uncaring corporate missives and an endlessly looping folksy theme song for company. Such is the life of a Cargo Commander.

Far from menial labour, it’s a perilous task. When you activate your ship’s magnet, a wave of containers come crashing into it, breaking off panels to provide easy entrance. And, because we’re in space, those containers are full of dangerous mutants. Every workplace is going to have some jerks.

Cargo Commander: a sci-fi roguelike that turns the genre on its head

Tom Sykes at

The recently released Cargo Commander is what happens when Spelunky crash-lands into FTL. It's a sidescrolling roguelike-like-like with randomly generated levels, destructible environments, online leaderboards, and the Dark Souls-ish ability to "loot the dead corpses of other players' vain attempts at beating your score". So to sum up: it echoes Spelunky, FTL and Dark Souls - yep, this seems like something we might enjoy.