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The War Z creator apologizes to players for "arrogance," promises improvements

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In an open letter to the The War Z and PC gaming community, creator and executive producer Sergey Titov apologized to disgruntled players for his "arrogance" that resulted in a failure to communicate with players and properly address issues within the game. "I need to admit that we failed to effectively communicate some of our plans and actions to both our existing players and to our new prospective players," Titov writes.

The War Z interview: Sergey Titov responds to backlash, sale removal from Steam

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On Monday, zombie survival shooter-MMO The War Z became available on Steam as a "Foundation Release." The same day, complaints began to arise that the game's page in the Steam store misrepresented and exaggerated its content by mentioning features that weren't yet integrated. This morning, Valve took the game off sale, admitting that a mistake was made in "prematurely" making The War Z available for purchase. Valve has extended an invitation to refund purchases through Steam Support, an exception to Valve's usually-rigid refund rules. Those who bought the game through Steam are still able to play it, and The War Z remains for sale on its website.

Following these events, I contacted executive producer Sergey Titov via email to ask about The War Z's troubled release on Steam, if he agrees with Valve's decision to take the game off sale, and what he expects the game's immediate future to be.

The War Z developer Hammerpoint "doesn't mind" comparisons to DayZ

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Some may assume that there can be only one premier open-world zombie apocalypse experience, and that Rocket's standalone DayZ and Hammerpoint's The War Z must be battling over its maggot-infested throne. Yet, War Z Executive Producer Sergey Titov feels that gamers hold enough inventory space in their hearts for both games to peacefully co-exist, telling VG247 he "doesn't mind" inevitable comparisons to DayZ in both content and presentation.