Sarif Industries

Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer sells Sarif Industries

Tom Senior at

"It's like a real arm, but better!" says Trevor, 44, of his new bionic arms. The guy delivering his testimonial for Deus Ex: Human Revolution's premiere augmentation company, Sarif Industries, seems delighted with his new limb. He can throw a football further, hug his son harder, and carve up a thanksgiving turkey real good with his retractable arm blades. Sadly, they don't show the last part. We've played the first ten hours of the game (a lot), read all of our impressions here.

New spoof TV ad lands on Deus Ex's Sarif Industries website

Anthony Valva at

Deus Ex: Human Revolution's viral marketing is really speeding up. Before, if you visited the Sarif Industries site, all that you'd find is some fake investor information and details on augmentations. Today, however, my daily visit to the site was rewarded with a TV spot that's got a healthy mix of humor and creepiness. Is this really what the future will be like? Watch the video below to find out how you can "live the life you've always imagined."