Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV gets first stage of SDK, makes it easier to design/import weapons

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An absence of modding tools hardly means an absence of mods—just look at GTAIV, and the impressive modifications that have cropped up since the game's release. An SDK would obviously help the process along though, which is why it's wonderful to see the efforts over at the Saints Row Mods forum being given Volition's official blessing. The first stage of Saints Row IV's newly released modding tools allows players to make their own weapons, though you're going to have to up your game if you hope to compete with the likes of the dubstep gun.

The PC Gamer Games of the Year 2013 award nominees

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PC Gamer editors are prohibited from celebrating Christmas. For the team, the end of the year is marked by an event known as “GOTY Sleepover,” a time where we somewhat-voluntarily sequester ourselves away from our families and loved ones in the interest of a greater good: selecting the best PC games of the year. We gather in a room with a very heavy door and very little ventilation and stay there until we’ve reached a unanimous decision on every award category. It’s a lot like the Papal conclave, but with more Cheetos.

Saints Row IV gets into the spirit with How The Saints Saved Christmas DLC

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Is the weather outside frightful? Maybe it's your climate's attempt to get into the Christmas spirit. More likely, if you're an inhabitant of Saints Row IV's virtual steelport, it's the result of superpowered psychopaths raining fiery and/or electric and/or frosticle death down onto the ground. An upcoming DLC pack, How The Saints Saved Christmas, will attempt to fill that psychopath full of holiday cheer.

Saints Row 4 Enter the Dominatrix DLC out today, sexy velociraptors in tow

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Way, way back in the summer of 2012, Enter the Dominatrix was destined to be a standalone piece of DLC for Saints Row the Third, hopefully lifting THQ out of its debtors' clutches. However, THQ decided to have Volition scrap Enter the Dominatrix and use the ideas like super powers and alien invasions to make what we know today as Saints Row IV. Now, we can finally see what Volition truly had up its sleeves those 12 long months ago.

Saints Row 4 mod adds first-person view

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Volition’s still hard at work on a set of Saints Row IV mod tools for all you tinkerers out there, but the delay hasn’t stopped a few prolific modders from allowing you to "serve and protect" the fine citizens of Steelport through the eyes of your character.

New Saints Row 4 DLC drops presidents, plunger gun on Steelport.

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Feeling presidential today? Or maybe you're more in the mood for a relaxing trip to the country, plunger gun in hand. Saints Row 4 developer Volition dropped two new DLC packs this week, each with its own flamboyant take on wildly different aspects of American culture: historic presidents and hillbilly fashion.

Saints Row 4 review

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This is the only game I’ve ever had to pause because I was laughing too much to play. I want to tell you about the exact section that caused me to crease up. I want to sit you down, do the voices, and perform a poor recreation of the whole thing. And I want you to know about the other hundred-odd moments that physically contorted my real-life face into real-life grins or my real-life mouth into real-life laughs.

I won’t tell you about all of them because I’ll spoil them. But I want you to know because they’re so joyful, so playful, that they turn this third sequel to an average Grand Theft Auto clone into one of the most fun videogames I’ve ever played.

Saints Row 4 character creator released as a free demo on Steam

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The Saints Row IV: Inauguration Station, which is just the executive branch's fancy way of saying "character creator," is now available on Steam as a free demo. After making or signing into a Saints Row account and designing a stupid, stupid human avatar, you can upload your character to be retrieved when Saints Row IV releases later this month. Series veterans can also download and work with their Saints Row: The Third characters, because what if you just can't get "Rasta Shrek" right again?

Saints Row 4 gets another chance at Australian classification

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If you haven’t been too busy running for president or gaining super powers, you may recall that Saints Row IV became the inaugural title to be refused Australia’s R18+ rating. The Australian Classification Review board didn’t much care for the anal probe weapons or illegal drug use, and effectively banned the game from being sold in the country. Not all is lost, however, as the board says it's going to take another look at the game on July 29.

Saints Row 4's San Diego Comic-Con panel reveals first DLC details

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Just how many people does it take to think up a Dubstep Gun? That, and similarly off-the-wall questions were the subject of a San Diego Comic Con panel for Saints Row IV. In the month before the release of the ridiculous open-world sandbox, Deep Silver Volition studio head Steve Jaros, and voice actors Troy Baker, Laura Baily, J.B. Blanc and Yuri Lowenthal, took fan questions about the story, tone and first DLC.

Johnny Gat exposes himself to Saints Row 4

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I won’t write up an entire biography of the fictional demigod of a man known as Johnny Gat, as it would end up looking like the scrawling of a mental patient. Normally, I’d be surprised to see someone come back from the dead, but I suppose even death can't stop a man who robs banks while wearing a mask of his own face.

Saints Row IV refused classification in Australia, a first for new ratings guidelines

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The upcoming Saints Row IV has been "refused classification" in Australia today, effectively banning it from release, according to a press release from the Classification Board of the Australian government.