League of Legends Worlds 2014 trailer is a dramatic way to launch a tournament

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You know about e-sports tournaments. Maybe you've even watched an e-sports tournament. But have you seen an e-sports tournament depicted through an earnest, slightly silly, but, if I'm honest, pretty great anime-styled trailer? If not, get ready to, because Riot has released this audacious opener for the 2014 League of Legends World Championship.

League of Legends' next champion revealed, is partial to sand

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It's only a few weeks after the release of Gnar, and Riot are again announcing a new Champion for League of Legends. Azir is his name; or, more formally, the King Emperor of the Sands. They've run-down his play style in a detailed new profile.

League of Legends to get Intro Bots mode, designed to help new players

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Lane-pushing games are notoriously difficult to learn. There are basic principles, sure—kill things; don't be killed by things—but beyond that, there are a multitude of quirks, rules and abilities to learn. It's a process that can take hundreds of hours, which means, for a game's newbiest players, some form of tutorial is essential. In a recent post, Riot admit that their existing methods to teach new players aren't entirely adequate—something they hope to fix with their upcoming Intro Bots mode.

League of Legends' new One For All: Mirror Mode gives all ten players the same champion

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Riot like to experiment with the lane-pushing formula, answering important questions such as "what happens if we just let players do what they want?" That was seemingly the thinking behind the original One For All, a temporarily available League of Legends game mode that let players pick whichever champion they damn well pleased, regardless of whether someone else had already selected them. The developers are now remixing that idea with One For All: Mirror Mode. It gives every player the same champion to play, which should at least ensure that each match is balanced.

League of Legends upcoming Team Builder queue moves into open beta this week

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Throughout this week, Riot will be beta testing Team Builder mode for League of Legends. The new queueing system is designed to let players specify their preferential positions and champions ahead of a match, so that people can be distributed in a way that theoretically prevents arguments about the team dynamic. If it works, players will no longer be forced into vicious squabbles over who gets to be Teemo.

League of Legends players claim UK's anti-porn filter may prevent patching

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League of Legends players are claiming that the UK's anti-porn filter agreement - imposed by the country's four main ISPs - may be preventing people from patching the game. While I personally find the game's female representation somewhat juvenile, it's in no way pornographic, so what exactly are the collected auto-guardians of morality taking such umbrage with? File names, it would seem, and the fact that two of the downloaded files contain the word 'sex' in their title. At least, they do if you are a robot that can't tell how words work.

The claims were made to the League of Legends subreddit, by a user involved with a voluntary group called the "Wrenchmen" who help with technical issues on the official LoL forum. According to the user - known as LoLBoompje - the issue has been reported "a few times already". It's worth pointing out Riot's statement to Eurogamer, in which they say that there were no reported incidents of the filter causing problems for their users. Despite this, a spokesperson for Riot has said that they're monitoring the situation. "Our feedback to players is to double check with internet service providers and if anyone experiences a problem, get in touch and we will be able to help."

League of Legends launches Showdown, its second experimental game mode

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The word "gameplay" sits proudly on top of the PC Gamer style sheet's forbidden words list. It was banished from our collective vocabulary for being a lazy replacement for more meaningful, accurate words. That's a problem, because I need to now write about League of Legends' Showdown - the second in Riot's experimental "Featured Gameplay Modes". You see the problem: less than a paragraph in and I've already written "gameplay" three times. We'll soldier on anyway, but please, for the love of all that's Christmas, nobody tell our production editor.

Riot: Streaming restrictions on League of Legends pros were "not cool"

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Riot Games Director of eSports Whalen Rozelle says the company will allow players under League of Legends Championship Series contracts to stream other games, reversing its previous policy.

E3 2014: Predicions and wild, feral speculation

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We used the only viable fuel source with the world's only time machine to visit E3 2014, and bring back the gaming news of the future for you, our loyal readers. The haters will say we could have done something more beneficial for humanity with this singular opportunity, but we usually just ban people like that. What new boxes will you be able to plug into your TV? Will everyone own a Rift? Do your emotional scars from Game of Thrones Season 3 ever heal? We have the 100 percent accurate, non-speculative answers to all this and more.

RIOTs, legends, farming, and more in latest Steam Greenlight batch

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Valve has picked out six more titles to advance to distribution through its Steam Greenlight program. Using a mix of criteria, Valve sees enough interest in these games to push them to eventual release. The following batch was announced today...

Riot - spread anarchy or enforce peace in this "playable documentary"

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Inspired by real-life social unrest in places like Italy, Greece and Egypt, Riot aims to show you "both sides of the fight", letting you pick either protester or police as anarchy spreads across the world. It's being lead by former Valve cinematographer and editor Leonard Menchiari - who has first hand experience of the Egyptian protests - and aims to ask questions about the cause and spread of violent action.

Face Off: Is League of Legends a better game than Dota 2?

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Every week two editors debate a new topic—it's a binary exercise we use to seek common ground conclusions or identify fundamental differences. The "my MOBA vs. your MOBA" argument is a heated one, so we reached outside our walls to SOE game designer and former PC Gamer Senior Editor Josh Augustine for his expertise. Josh was our resident League of Legends authority when he was here, so he's arguing on its behalf, while T.J. stands up for Dota 2.

Two more "toxic" League of Legends pros feel the weight of Riot's banhammer

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Riot seem locked in a battle against the perception of "toxic" behaviour in League of Legends, and they're not against letting pro esports players be collateral damage. Following last December's banning of Team Dignitas player IWillDominate, the LoL Tribunal (lol) has taken a stand against two more potty-mouthed pros, after numerous reports were made regarding their "offensive language, verbal abuse, and negative attitude."

League of Legends announces Season 3 plans, attempts to organise eSports

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Riot have announced the details for the third season of the League of Legends Championship Series, and they're looking mighty exciting for fans of eSports. There are plans for regular season play, an All-Star tournament, and an attempt to reign in the many disparate worldwide championships into the main series' action.

Riot employs a neuroscientist to address "players being jerks" in League of Legends

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In an interview with Gamasutra, League of Legends lead producer Travis George acknowledged that trash talking is natural in competitive games, but that some LoL players take it too far, "being mean for the sake of being mean." To address the problem of mean-spirited players, Riot has put together the "Player Behavior and Justice Team" (or, the much cuter "PB&J team"), which includes two doctors, one of cognitive neuroscience and one of behavioral psychology.