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Max Payne and Alan Wake writer delivers answers in Reddit AMA

Perry Vandell at

The creator and writer of Max Payne and Alan Wake, Sam Lake, shared a few words with the internet denizens of Reddit in an “Ask Me (Almost) Anything” thread. There, he shared his process for game writing, what changes he would make for Alan Wake 2, and what he had for breakfast that morning

Alan Wake stars in the latest Humble Weekly Sale

Phil Savage at

Is it still a weekly sale if there hasn't been one for over a month? Does it matter when the upshot is a bunch of cheap games? Probably not. So instead of questioning their time-keeping, let's celebrate the fact that the Humble Weekly Sale has returned, and is providing a pay-what-you-want offer for Remedy's Alan Wake games.

Payne Effects 3 mod for Max Payne 2 adds weapons, cinematic effects, and more

Omri Petitte at

The creator behind the Payne Effects 3 overhaul mod for Max Payne 2—yes, 2—released the final version today for download. The mod furnishes Max's Big Apple field trip with a larger arsenal, additional Bullet-Time cinematic effects, clothing, and even accompanying music. Hey, even revenge-fueled killing sprees need a soundtrack.