Trials Fusion 'Riders of the Rustlands' DLC is out now, has ten new tracks

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The first of six planned Trials Fusion DLC packs is now available in the form of 'Riders of the Rustlands', which moves away from the shiny futuristic theme of the core game and out into the apocalyptic wastelands. That's according to creative director Antti Ilvessuo, who says the new theme will feature "groups of scraggly bikers who are not fit for the city" keeping themselves busy by "scavenging for motorcycle parts and pulling off amazing Trials tricks." So Trials does Mad Max, then?

Trials Fusion review

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Trials Fusion has one of the most brutally honest trailers of all time. Ignore the early dubstep-fuelled montages of rad dudes doing cool stuff, because that’s only part of the game. Mostly, you’ll be biting it hard.

The trailer, called ‘Competition’, presents an ignoble reel of crashes, spills and tumbles. After each wipe out, the player’s name plummets down a leaderboard. It captures the spirit of a game devious enough to continuously knock you on your backside, but compelling enough to make you rise to your feet.

Trials Fusion trailer shows flips, tricks and bails

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Let's hide away from the strange new reality of virtual reality, and into the escapist fantasy of a silly score-attack video game. A new Trials is on the way, and I couldn't be more excited. Many were the hour spent swearing at the warehouses of Trials 2: Second Edition, and many more words were cursed at the open-air obstacles of Trials Gold. For the upcoming Trials Fusion, things take a faintly futuristic turn. Rather than just being more Trials - as fine a thing as that would be - a new FMX trick system will provide plenty more opportunities for foolhardy failure.

Trials Fusion release date wheelies in on the back of a new trailer

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RedLynx seem to understand the importance of a good soundtrack. The intro stings for Trials Evolution: Gold Edition were a perfect example. Dumb, brash and ridiculous, they nevertheless prepared players for the silliness involved in mastering the game's challenging 2D obstacle courses. The rousing rock of this trailer for the upcoming Trials Fusion also captures this spirit. I've watched the teaser multiple times now, and I am more than ready to wheelie, flip and crash my way through more motorcycle madness. Unfortunately, I've still got a few months to wait. As revealed by the trailer, Trials Fusion will be released for all formats on April 16th.

Trials Fusion backflips onto the PC

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Finnish developer RedLynx is bringing the next Trials game to PC. After performing three consecutive backflips, Trials Fusion will land on PC and other platforms in 2014, carrying a new trick system and relocating the franchise from deserts and warehouses to the cloudy future.

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition gets a demo and a discount

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Everybody's been flipping their bikes over Trials Evolution. You need to go head-to-head with your pals at a party, they say. You don't know fun till you've revved through rings of fire, or gone flying over the handlebars into an endless cavern below, they say. If you avoided dropping money on Trials before, envisioning your friends racing ahead of you as your own bike pathetically slid backward down a butter-slicked incline, you can rest easy; Steam's now got a demo version up for the unsure.

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition crash-lands on Steam, reloads, crashes again

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After mucking around on the Xbox 360 for a few too many years, Trials is finally back where it belongs: on PC. As our preview explained earlier this week, Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is no simple port. It includes every piece of content from Trials HD, its similarly Xbox-exclusive predecessor, all of which have been rebuilt in the Evolution engine. That makes for 129 tracks and mini-games in total - or a "crapton", in technical terms. The game hits digital stores today, and yer actual brick-and-mortar ones tomorrow, once the game's jumped over that large gap, survived some explosions and done the loop-de-loop. You'll find a bone-shattering launch trailer below.

Trials Evolution bunny-hops the console fence, lands on PC this March

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RedLynx sure know how to keep a platform waiting. Their breakout biking hit, the 2D motorbike platformer Trials 2: Second Edition, launched on Steam back in 2008. Since then they moved their game-development garage to Xbox Live Arcade, making the expanded and enhanced Trials HD and the flipping brilliant Trials Evolution. Unfortunately, it seemed as if the PC had been long left in the dust. Instead, RedLynx appear to have been biding their time for a dramatic re-entry, as they've now announced Trials Evolution: Gold Edition.

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition motors onto PC early 2013

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RedLynx's platform-racer series captures the joy of awkwardly heaving bikes over increasingly complicated obstacle courses, but we tasted the dust when Trials: Evolution released solely for the Xbox 360 in April. Thankfully, Trials Evolution: Gold Edition skids back home to the PC in early 2013.