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APB Reloaded scores 3 million players in one week

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The dust has finally settled on APB’s Reloaded reboot-up-the-arse, and it’s racked up a none-too-shabby 3 million registered players in the eight days after its release on Steam, according to Gamespot. The original, ridiculously troubled release apparently notched up a mere 130,000 players, but we heard rumours that this number was actually far lower.

It's also currently sitting at number 15 in the Steam charts, making it the second most popular free-to-play game after the evergreen Team Fortress 2. 3 million isn't such a bad number, too - it's obviously dwarfed by the likes of Skyrim, but it's almost up there with Battlefield 3's 5 million copies. It's also just over a quarter of the uber-popular League of Legends' player base, too.

APB Reloaded open beta hits Steam, play now for free

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Multiplayer cops and robbers game APB has broken out of its cell and barged rowdily onto Steam. For more than a year, GamersFirst have been rebuilding it as a free to play game after APB's first run came to an abrupt end after its creators, Realtime Worlds, went into administration.

It's now called APB Reloaded, and you can download the client for free now. GamersFirst say that this is an open beta phase. They'll continue to fix bugs and refine things as players go to war. You get to create a cop or a crook using the fantastic character creation suite, and then roam the city of San Paro in squads, where you'll be assigned missions designed to dynamically match you up with players of a similar level. Will it work? Has it improved since it we gave it 55 in our APB review back in summer 2010? There's only one way to find out. Are you playing it? What do you think so far?

APB Reloaded will be protected by PunkBuster

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In the latest APB Reloaded Developer Blog, the team reveal how they'll be clamping down on cheaters with PunkBuster. Read on for the details.

Interview: GamersFirst on bringing back APB

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As reported last week, cops and robbers MMO APB has been bought by GamersFirst, who have announced that the game will return as a free-to-play game in the first half of next year. We've had a chat with GamersFirst CTO and COO, Bjorn Book-Larsson about the next chapter for the troubled MMO, discussing the game's potential, the new features GamersFirst will be working on, and the reasons why APB failed in the first place.

APB finds buyer, could be up and running by end of the year

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Realtime World's struggling cops vs. crooks MMO APB has found a buyer in the form of the K2 network, who has purchased the game for $1.5 million. K2 owns the GamersFirst service, which runs a series of free-to-play MMOs including War Rock and 9 Dragons. There's no news yet on whether or not APB will be part of this service, but K2 mention that the game could be back up and running by the end of the year. We'll know more later this week when the official announcement is made.

EA offering free game to APB players

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If you bought a digital copy of APB and feel let down by the game's recent closure, you can claim compensation from EA in the form of a free replacement game.

Rumour: Epic Games might buy APB

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Epic Games have been highlighted as potential buyers for APB, the massively multiplayer shooter from recently bankrupt Dundee studio Realtime Worlds. APB was built upon Epic’s Unreal engine, and their Vice President and co-founder Mark Rein even helped present APB at 2009's Penny Arcade Expo. When asked if Epic had plans to buy APB, spokesperson Dana Cowley didn't say no. Her quote's below.

APB to close tomorrow

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Cops vs crooks MMO APB is officially closing, as reported by our occasional drinking buddy, EDGE* and confirmed by APB's official announcement. It's garnished by a broad swathe of bittersweet quotes from the development team. Here's the initial announcement:

"APB has been a fantastic journey, but unfortunately that journey has come to a premature end. Today we are sad to announce that despite everyone's best efforts to keep the service running; APB is coming to a close. It's been a pleasure working on APB and with all its players. Together we were building an absolutely amazing game, and for that, we thank you. You guys are awesome!

From all of the Realtime World staff we thank you for your continued support.

The servers are still up, so join the party and say goodbye!

- Ben 'APBMonkey' Bateman (Community Officer)"

[via Edge]

*He mostly refers to himself in the third person.

Why Realtime Worlds failed - an ex-dev's account

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Luke Halliwell, a former employee of Realtime Worlds who was let go when they went into administration, has posted the first in a series of his attempts to explain the circumstances surrounding the company's catastrophe earlier this year.

APB doing quite well. 130,000 PC gamers agree.

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As we recently reported, Realtime Worlds had entered into administration on the back of the poor performance of their urban sandbox MMO, APB. Today, Realtime Worlds released APB's player statistics for the first time, and it's not doing quite as badly as everyone thought.

23 Realtime Worlds devs re-hired for MyWorld

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Twenty three former Realtime Worlds employees have been offered their jobs back. They've been asked to resume work on Project: MyWorld, following interest in the social game from investors.

APB fights for survival: test new features right now

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Following yesterday's news that Realtime Worlds had entered into administration, we got lots of comments lamenting the death of their urban sandbox MMO. As if in response, they've upt up a public test world with a mass of new features. We've got the meatiest chunks of the patch notes below. And it seems the developers are listening to customer complaints - improving the well known weaknesses within the game. Radical weapon rebalancing, improved vehicle handling, and new weapon audio are all on the patch notes. Have you played the test version? We'd love to know how the improvements feel in-game. 

APB developer Realtime Worlds ready to close

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Realtime Worlds, the scottish development studio behind Crackdown, APB, and the newly announced MyWorld, has entered administration. The company now has a short period of time to find more cash or it'll be forced to close.

Realtime Worlds giving APB a "major overhaul"

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An official Realtime Worlds poster has outlined the company's plans for APB in a lengthy forum post on the official forums. They're proposing a pretty startling revamp of many of the game's key faults. Read on for the details.

You're nicked: Metropolitan Police APB clan

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In APB, Realtime Worlds' online cops vs robbers shooter, a creative clan of enforcers has recreated the look of the London Metropolitan Police Force with the game's advanced character creator.

APB review

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There are moments in APB where I found my heart pounding out of my chest, beating faster than my assault rifle could empty ammunition. APB’s San Paro is a online city where the criminals fight the police on the streets, both sides player-controlled. When it works, it’s incredibly exciting. The problem is, it doesn’t work.

APB ads will play through your speakers in-game

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APB, the upcoming cops and robbers MMO from Realtime Worlds, will have audio adverts that play every couple of hours. When you enter a new district, you'll hear an ad. If you stay in that district for more than three hours, you'll hear another ad the next time you change district. It's not... that bad, as some forumites have said on the subject, but it's still a bit weird for a service you're paying for. Look at it like this: when you buy the game, you're also buying 50 hours of time - and therefore, 16 adverts. Hmmmmm.

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Get one of 20,000 APB beta keys just by signing up

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Welcome to the PC Gamer community: your first task is to click that Register button on the top right. Do it soon enough, and registering with us will not only let you add your voice to the smartest, wittiest, gaming-est PC games site on the internet, but also access to the APB beta.

20,000 community members will each receive a key for the APB beta, granting free access to the online car-crunching cops and robbers game until June 19. Download the client from and create your character; we’ll start sending keys out daily on June 14 until our supply is exhausted.

Update! The beta has now ended.