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Prototype 2 review

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In the intro, your wife and child are killed when you unaccountably tell them to stay in New York City after a virus outbreak starts killing everyone. If you set out to hunt down the monster responsible for this tragedy – yourself – it would be a short game. So you hunt down the protagonist from Prototype 1 instead, who has just given you superpowers and awesome claw arms. Even if Prototype 2 didn’t start out by establishing you as a tremendous asshole, it would be difficult not to become one immediately.

Prototype 2 developers won't be making any more games, PC version unaffected

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The shuttering of a development studio is always a sad time. On Friday, this fate befell Prototype developers Radical Entertainment. The developers have suffered 'significant' lay-offs, and will no longer make their own games, instead providing 'support' for other Activision titles.

Prototype 2 trailer features massive pavement bellyflop, Johnny Cash, melodrama

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Prototype 2 trailer morphs arm into giant sword, makes horrible mess

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Prototype 2 trailer features four ways to kill a chopper, two reasons to buy DLC

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Prototype 2 gets two-month delay on PC

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The PC version of Prototype 2 has been pushed back eight weeks to July 24 according to a message posted on the Prototype 2 Facebook page. Is the PC version having development problems? Are extra bits being added to the PC version? We don't know, but Radical say "we'll share more details with you soon." Console versions are set arrive on April 24 in the US and April 27 in Europe.

The delay will push the release date past the series of weekly unlocks that will come with the newly announced Radnet edition of Prototype 2. The special edition won't cost more than the standard edition, but owners will get access to weekly challenges to earn extra in-game rewards like new mutations for Heller. We'll have to wait and see if these extra bits will make their way to the PC version two months later. Get a sense of how it's shaping up from our Prototype 2 preview.

Prototype 2 trailer goes hunting, punches a helicopter to death

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In our Prototype 2 preview yesterday, we mentioned that the sequel's new star, Heller, seemed nigh on invincible. In the new trailer we actually get to see bullets bouncing off him as he uses his "bulletproof" mutation. Darwinism is badass when it's sped up several hundred million times by an experimental virus. Prototype 2 is due out in April next year, and looks like it's going to be at least as mad as the first one. Find out more on the official Prototype site.

Prototype 2 preview

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Before today I have never been able to imagine what it would be like for a man to uppercut a helicopter. Prototype 2 has shown me the light. The correct technique, according to new protagonist James Heller, is to jump onto the copter's face, pull the nose down until the rotor blades are inches from the floor, wind up, and sock it on the chin. That will cause it to backflip twice and then explode in mid-air. Prototype 2 is going to be even more crazy and violent than the original.

Like Prototype, the sequel will let you climb, dash and glide around New York city. You'll consume operatives of the evil Blackwatch corporation to steal their memories and identities. Your mission is to track down Alex Mercer, the shapeshifting anithero of the first game using the powers that turned him into a mutant killing machine.

Prototype 2 trailer tours the zones of New York Zero

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Prototype 2's beleaguered version of New York City (now New York Zero, for some reason) will be split into three zones labelled according to a traffic light system that ranges from "everything's gravy" to "completely boned." The green zone has trees, and civilians who haven't been infected with an experimental virus. Pedestrians in the yellow zone are less fortunate, and the developers don't even show us what's lurking in the red zone. It's probably safe to assume it's full of puppies and rainbows. We'll find out what's behind the big red door when Prototype 2 is released in April.

Prototype 2 trailer braves the Red Zone

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Three way battles between Mercer, the armed authorities and rabid mutants were a big part of the first Prototype. The three way fights were the best way to try out Mercer's equivalent of stealth, jumping an unsuspecting guard distracted by mutant rampage, absorbing his appearance and then strolling through the chaos to your objective. Most satisfying. The new protagonist, Heller, replaces Mercer's mopey angst with PURE RAGE. Perhaps that's what gives him the ability to turn a soldier into a boot-able tentacle bomb. Evil experimental war-serums do strange things to people.

Prototype 2 trailer features slow-mo limb severing

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You know Radical Entertainment understand the appeal of Prototype when they start throwing around words like 'ultimate power fantasy'. In this trailer the developers take you through the improvements they've made to the combat system for the sequel. Better blocking and acrobatic dodges will make fighting multiple tough enemies less cumbersome. There's also a new dismemberment system on show, which is not for the squeamish.

Expect to be sending enemy torsos spiralling off into the distance April 24 next year.

Prototype 2 trailer tells story so far, screenshots are Heller violent

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Be warned, this Prototype 2 trailer contains major spoilers for Prototype 1. Very major spoilers. In fact, ALL of the spoilers. The entire plot is laid bare, and acts as a set up for the rise of the new similar-but-angrier protagonist, Sergeant James Heller, who is coincidentally the star of a batch of new Prototype 2 screenshots. See his many mutant arms doing terrible things to tanks, helicopters and men in armoured battlesuits below.

Prototype 2 release date confirmed, new trailer burns everything

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BluesNews report that Prototype 2 will be released on 24th of April 2012 and to celebrate the announcement, a new CGI trailer has been released. The trailer shows Prototype special ops team Black Watch engaging in their favourite pursuit, setting fire to everything. It also quickly explains the story driving the sequel; as explained in the last trailer Alex Mercer, the 'hero' of the first game apparently killed James Heller's family (he killed so many people, it's hard to keep track). Now Heller has Mercer style powers, and he's not a happy bunny.

We'll see just how angry he is next year.

Prototype 2 trailer has gruesome tendril death

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Horrible gristly tendrils are the subject of the latest Prototype 2 trailer, which shows new player character, James Heller catching marines, cars and even helicopters in his fleshy web. It looks like a really disgusting version of Just Cause 2's multi-rope, which let you tie up grunts and attach them to explosive barrels for a giggle. We'll get to test out Heller's tendril powers and kick all the helicopters to death when the game comes out next year.

E3 2011: Prototype 2 trailer breaks tanks, kicks helicopter to death

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In the original Prototype we got to play as Alex Mercer, a massive jerk who also happened to have godlike bio-powers. Thousands died. It's only fitting that he's the bad guy for the sequel. You play a man called "Heller," out for revenge against Mercer, who killed his family. Heller also has bio-powers and a giant blade instead of an arm. It might be too early to call it, but this might be one of those 'history repeating itself' scenarios. The game's due out next year.

Prototype 2 trailer out, man-bowling is back

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In the first Prototype you could upgrade your strength to such an extent that you could pick up a pedestrian, climb to the top of a skyscraper and throw them so hard they flew out of the city and landed in the ocean. You could make an unofficial mini game out of throwing men at billboards several miles away. The new Prototype 2 trailer shows man-bowling making a welcome return, but is it as exciting as watching a man kick a helicopter to death? For more on the game, head over to the Prototype 2 site. Prototype 2 is due out next year.

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Rumour: Prototype 2 to be announced this weekend

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The appearance of a series of clues makes it very likely indeed that this weekend's Spike TV Video Game Awards will see the announcement of Prototype 2.