Quadrilateral Cowboy

Quadrilateral Cowboy trailer teases cute robots, stealth hacking and ramen

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Blendo Games' Brendon Chung broke into LA's indie game festival IndieCade over the weekend, and uploaded this Quadrilateral Cowboy trailer to spread, like a virus, through the event's many terminals. Okay, so it's more likely that he was "invited", and chose to "premier" the trailer, but that seems less in the spirit of the 20th century infiltration adventure.

Quadrilateral Cowboy: watch Brendon Chung walk through a hacking heist

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Blendo Games' upcoming Quadrilateral Cowboy is probably one of my most anticipated games of the year. It's a stylish first-person hacking sim, in which you complete simulated heists - infiltrating buildings with custom command prompts that disable the compound's security. In this PAX East video, courtesy of Kotaku, you can see Blendo's Brendon Chung show a taste of what to expect.


Quadrilateral Cowboy trailer streams a hacker's heist at a blazing 1200bps

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telnet> open pcgamer.com 23
telnet> Connecting to pcgamer.com...
Connected to PCGAMER port 23. It is 12:28 AM in South San Francisco, CA. There are 2300 hosts on the network. Type GABE for news about Gabe Newell, or type ? for a command list.

Quadrilateral Cowboy developer diary details ghost cursors, tracelines, and player respect

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Brendon Chung's upcoming hacking-heisting hybrid Quadrilateral Cowboy caught our notice with its baud-beeps, script wizardry, and intuitive puzzles harnessing a mobile "deck" computer for solving. In a blog entry posted today, Chung began a series of in-depth looks at the code keeping Cowboy's code behaving normally. For now, Chung kept his focus on wrangling tracelines: a direct line from the player's view to whatever they observe.

Quadrilateral Cowboy gameplay video shows godly hacking powers

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During every re-read of William Gibson's Neuromancer, I yearn for a world choked by technological corporatocracy and virtual vaults ripe for a single coding god's plundering. Blendo's Quadrilateral Cowboy excited us at PAX with just that kind of hacker heist masterminding, and today, GameTrailers has published a new video demonstrating various commands deployed through the game's mobile hacking platform. Have a look inside.

Eureka! The brightest ideas in indie gaming

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Great ideas are exhilarating. When we have them, we turn them over and over in our heads like glassmakers folding molten silica, shaping our glowing gems. They stick to us. But then comes something agonizing: actually realizing them. Doubt and fear creep in. What if it doesn't work? Experimentation is risk.

Brave independent game developers have the freedom to take that risk, and we love when they do. After witnessing a magnificent indie showing earlier this month at PAX Prime, we gathered a list of the boldest new ideas being crafted by indie studios. Some of these games were new to us only weeks ago, while others have been forming for a while, but they're all built on ideas we're excited to talk about.