Project Awakened

Latest batch of Greenlit games includes Deadly Premonition, other, less insane stuff

Tom Sykes at

Valve have given a new load of games their seal of approval - or rather you have, doing Valve's job for them so they have more time to make hats and trading cards and Half-Life 5. The headline here is that one of the 14 games greenlit is the...unique Deadly Premonition, Swery's ridiculous survival horror love letter to David Lynch. But that's not all! Roguelikey metroidvania Chasm is also heading to Steam, along with its good friends Among The Sleep and Operation Black Mesa. But that's still not all! There are also ten more. OK, that's all. Hear them in list form after the break.

Project Awakened temporarily put to sleep, backers given full refunds

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Phosphor Games' Unreal Engine 3-powered action game Project Awakened hasn't had the best of luck. The indescribable game (and therein lies the problem, I think) fell short of its Kickstarter target back in March, and after a couple of months of trying to raise money by other means, their private funding campaign has now been put on hold. Thankfully, everyone who backed will be getting a full refund.

Project Awakened releases Unreal Engine 4 tech demo

Phil Savage at

Phosphor Games - the team behind the customisable action game and Kickstarter hopeful Project Awakened - have released an Unreal Engine 4 tech demo, detailing some of their progress with the middleware. It's clearly early days in the UE4 transition, but it shows off some of the detailed textures and effects possible with the engine. Also some seriously prominent arm veins.