Cliff Bleszinski tells Fez-designer Phil Fish to "come back"

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One possible advantage of making a very public retirement announcement is that otherwise invisible supporters begin to emerge from the shadows. Game designer Cliff Bleszinski, co-creator of Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, wants Fez-developer Phil Fish to re-think his decision leave the gaming industry. Fish announced Saturday he was cancelling a planned sequel to Fez and had reached "the end of a long, bloody campaign."

Fez II cancelled, Phil Fish to "take the money and run"

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The recently announced sequel to the newly-available-on-PC indie hit Fez has been cancelled. Unveiled only last month, the game is now officially on ice, if the words of its famously combative creative director Phil Fish are to be believed. Writing on the Polytron website, Fish offered a cryptic form of confirmation.

Fez sells 105K copies in 48 hours during Steam summer sale

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The Steam Summer Sale is a powerful entity. It’s converted many of us into shady, virtual card-dealing swindlers looking to make a quarter or two. Previously held convictions have been thrown out the door as well, as Fez creator Phil Fish, a man who has a tumultuous past with online community, has sold over 105,000 copies of his infuriatingly clever puzzle-platformer in a mere 48 hours.

Fez review

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Being download-only, it’s a pity that Fez can’t somehow come packed with its most essential peripherals: a notepad and pen. Beneath this indie platformer’s cutesy-yet-stylish pixel art candied coating is a tantalisingly, fascinatingly arcane game – packed with codes and ciphers and secrets.

It was barely an hour before I started jotting down notes and reminders. It was considerably longer, in some cases, before I knew precisely what for. I took screenshots, too, but that’s too easy – ink soaking into vellum was needed here, to thoroughly imprint Fez’s alien languages and mysterious iconography into my brain.

Fez II announced in new chiptuney teaser

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It's...it's a line! That's getting bigger! And...well, that's about it I guess.

Polytron, the mind behind popular XBLA (and now-PC) puzzle-platformer Fez has released a teaser video for a second installment in the series. The Fez II teaser doesn't show much besides an expanding line and a Tron-like Fez II logo, but if you've played the first game before, you'll recognize the familiar techno/chiptune beat of Disasterpiece accompanying it.

Hold on to your hats: FEZ is heading to Steam on May 1st

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It turns out that leaky Steam registry was right after all: Fez is coming to PC. Not only that, but it's coming to PC real soon: as in May the 1st. That's almost a year to the day since the acclaimed indie platformer was released on the 360 - I guess that exclusivity period finally ran out. There's no word on a price or any potential extras yet, but that can wait. Head here to look at some screenshots and not much else, then make sure to set your alarm for one month's time. Fez. PC. Hooray!

Fez going multi-platform. Does this mean a reversal of the "not a PC game" claim?

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The charming XBLA puzzle-platformer Fez could finally be coming to PC. In a recent blog post, Polytron's founder (and currently sole member) Phil Fish outlined his plans for the new year. Top of the list: taking Fez to multiple platforms.

Fez PAX footage boggles the mind

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If you've never heard of Fez, welcome to Fez. This wonderful indie platformer has been in development forever, but got a good showing recently at PAX. The video above gives a good overview of the game's hybrid 2D/3D approach to plaforming, as well as providing a healthy dose of the game's endearing atmosphere. Fez is being made by two men who call themselves Polytron. They haven't announced any solid release plans yet, but they say that the game is nearly finished. Here's hoping they decide to bring it to PC as soon as possible.