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Cliff Bleszinski tells Fez-designer Phil Fish to "come back"

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One possible advantage of making a very public retirement announcement is that otherwise invisible supporters begin to emerge from the shadows. Game designer Cliff Bleszinski, co-creator of Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, wants Fez-developer Phil Fish to re-think his decision leave the gaming industry. Fish announced Saturday he was cancelling a planned sequel to Fez and had reached "the end of a long, bloody campaign."

Fez II cancelled, Phil Fish to "take the money and run"

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The recently announced sequel to the newly-available-on-PC indie hit Fez has been cancelled. Unveiled only last month, the game is now officially on ice, if the words of its famously combative creative director Phil Fish are to be believed. Writing on the Polytron website, Fish offered a cryptic form of confirmation.

Fez sells 105K copies in 48 hours during Steam summer sale

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The Steam Summer Sale is a powerful entity. It’s converted many of us into shady, virtual card-dealing swindlers looking to make a quarter or two. Previously held convictions have been thrown out the door as well, as Fez creator Phil Fish, a man who has a tumultuous past with online community, has sold over 105,000 copies of his infuriatingly clever puzzle-platformer in a mere 48 hours.

Fez II announced in new chiptuney teaser

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It''s a line! That's getting bigger! And...well, that's about it I guess.

Polytron, the mind behind popular XBLA (and now-PC) puzzle-platformer Fez has released a teaser video for a second installment in the series. The Fez II teaser doesn't show much besides an expanding line and a Tron-like Fez II logo, but if you've played the first game before, you'll recognize the familiar techno/chiptune beat of Disasterpiece accompanying it.

Steam and GOG take 30% cut of revenue vs. Humble Bundle 5% says Fez creator

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Deals between distributors and devs tend to be secretive affairs bound by legal tape, unholy rites and signatures of blood and the like, but Edge have spotted a tweet from the creator of Fez, Phil Fish, who encourages players to buy through Humble Bundle because "we get 95% of revenues as opposed to steam/gog's 70%"

Fez going multi-platform. Does this mean a reversal of the "not a PC game" claim?

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The charming XBLA puzzle-platformer Fez could finally be coming to PC. In a recent blog post, Polytron's founder (and currently sole member) Phil Fish outlined his plans for the new year. Top of the list: taking Fez to multiple platforms.

Indie Game: The Movie review

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Boys in their bedrooms, drop-out dreamers, shut-in gore fetishists - if ever a film were to quash the red-top stereotypes of game developers than this would surely be it. Indie Game: The Movie follows four of the most thoughtful, hard-working and sensitive young fellows you could probably find in this business or any other, and is both a clarion call for the thrilling creative freedom of independent development and a grim warning of its near-lethal stakes.