The week's highs and lows in PC gaming

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Each week PC Gamer probes the previous seven days to scientifically establish what rocked our world and made us despair for its future. As usual, we begin with the good stuff…

PAX East 2014 recap: The PC games we loved at PAX

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Civilization: Beyond Earth was the big, unexpected announcement at PAX East this year, but there was plenty more happening on the show floor in Boston. Tyler, Cory, and I talked through their favorite games of PAX East, including Darkest Dungeon, Evolve, Subnautica, and Below.

Star Citizen dogfighting shown at PAX East, crowd goes wild

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Sometimes, just sometimes, the whooping and hollering you get at conventions feels acceptable. The first in-game footage of the dogfighting element of Star Citizen, which was shown by Chris Roberts at PAX East today, feels like just such an occasion. See the footage below.

Double Fine literally sing the praises of Hack 'n' Slash in new video

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To celebrate/promote the fact its new game Hack 'n' Slash is headed for Steam Early Access and playable at PAX East this weekend, Double Fine has released this trailer. It's a little heavy on the Lonely Island-style skit/song stuff and light on actual gameplay, but still as charming and whimsical as you've probably come to expect from the house that Schafer built.

Hearthstone singleplayer adventure mode announced, called Curse of Naxxramas

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"New interactive corners!" isn't a phrase you'd normally associate with an exciting announcement, but Blizzard's Hearthstone does have some proddable boards. The game's new corners are attached to a somewhat more significant announcement: a new singleplayer PvE mode. Curse of Naxxramas: A Hearthstone Adventure will challenge players to overcome five wings of the Warcraft dungeon—flinging their decks at a series of bosses, in order to earn brand new cards.

Announcing our PAX East 2014 panel with Palmer Luckey, Chris Roberts, and more

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Virtual reality, SteamOS, fiber broadband, 4K displays, holodecks (you know, maybe)—the next five years of PC gaming will radically transform our immortal hobby. What new experiences will the PC games of the near future provide? How will technology surprise us? This April at PAX East 2014, we'll look into that glowing future with the innovators and PC gaming stakeholders shaping it.

Watch the PC Gaming World Congress from PAX Prime 2013

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Last Friday at PAX Prime in Seattle, we gathered four of PC gaming's most important people—from left to right: Chris Taylor (GM, Wargaming Seattle), Jon Mavor (Co-Founder, Uber Entertainment), Chris Roberts (Founder, Cloud Imperium Games), and Dean Hall (Creator, DayZ, Bohemia Interactive)—for a discussion on the state of PC gaming. Now, through the magic of streaming video, you too can watch these four titans talk about what they love, what they want, and where they predict our dear hobby is going.

PC Gamer Podcast #362 - PAX 2013 Recap

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Evan and Tyler talk about what they saw and played at PAX last week, including Elder Scrolls Online, EverQuest Next, XCOM: Enemy Within, Titanfall, The Wolf Among Us, Dead State and a massive pile of indie games.

Download PC Gamer Podcast 362 - PAX 2013 Recap

New EverQuest Next Landmark details and videos revealed at PAX

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It's a bit like Minecraft, quite a bit not like Minecraft, and it sure sounds like it's going to be big: earlier this month, SOE announced EverQuest Next Landmark, a surprise voxel building MMO releasing this winter as a precursor to EverQuest Next. Today at PAX we learned some new things about it—female dwarves can have beards, for insistence—which we've condensed here into an easily digestible info pill.

PAX 10 list of outstanding indie games announced

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The PAX 10, a select group of outstanding indie games featured each year at PAX Prime in Seattle, has been announced. Among the list are some recent stand-outs like Gunpoint and Rogue Legacy, but also some lesser-known upcomers like Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and chemistry-puzzler Sokobond.

PC Gamer US Podcast #328 - PAXstravaganza!

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Picking up the "Host Three PCG Podcasts" achievement, T.J. once again leads a party of daring journalist-adventurers into the deep and dank dungeons of the week's PC gaming goings-on. We talk the unforgettable moments of PAX (both the good, and the ones we wish were slightly more forgettable), the closure of City of Heroes, whether or not Steam should be catering to your sexy time fix, and how T.J. would like to punch story writer Sean Vanaman repeatedly in the abdomen so he can see how it feels to be on the receiving end of The Walking Dead Episode 3.

Join us for the PC Gamer Megapanel at PAX!

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If you're going to this year's PAX in Seattle, Washington, then we'd love for you to join us on Friday for an unprecedented gathering of PC gaming's finest developers and storytellers at the The PC Gamer Megapanel: The Incredible, Uncertain Future of Storytelling!

PC Gamer US Podcast #325 - Quest for Story

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Tyler, Evan, and T.J. form a crack team of talk to discuss DayZ's stand-alone future, Skyrim's Dawnguard vamp-spansion, Steam's upcoming inclusion of non-game software, our upcoming PAX panel, and the future of storytelling in games. All of that, plus more news, Truthiness or Falsity, and a puzzling conclusion in...

PC Gamer US Podcast 325: Quest for Story

The International Dota 2 Championships 2012 to be held at PAX Prime this August

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Today, Valve announced that the second annual tournament for a game that isn't out yet will take place at PAX Prime in Seattle. 2012's Dota 2 tourney will run the weekend of August 31st at the Benaroya Hall, alongside a stop on the $3 million League of Legends tournament organized by rival MOBA-developer Riot. The International uses an invitational format, and so far only two teams have confirmed their invites: China's DK, and last year's champions, Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) from the Ukraine.

Video—the PC Gaming Press Conference @ PAX 2011

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A heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended our PC Gaming Press Conference last Friday at PAX. It feels damn nice to pack a room with PC gamers, and talk directly about some of the innovations, ideas, and good things happening on our platform. If you weren't in Seattle last weekend, we're delighted to bring you video of the full presentation. Inside this post, we've also broken out the video into timestamps for your convenience.

We're really looking forward to doing this again next year in a bigger way. Obviously we don't think of ourselves as the keepers of PC gaming as a platform, but if someone isn't going to get on stage, gather some exciting upcoming games and say nice things about the PC, by jove, we'll do it. To that end, if you have any suggestions for format, content, or who you'd like to see at such an event, let us know in the comments.

Free Skyrim-inspired food, plush helmets and meet PC Gamer at PAX

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Are you going to PAX? Do you like free food? Do you like plush horned helmets? Would you like to meet some of the folks behind PC Gamer? Well, join us on Saturday, August 27th from 1:00pm-2:00pm at the corner of 9th and Pine (across from the Paramount Theater) as our Skyrim-sponsored food truck fills your bellies with the finest in Nord inspired fare.

Outfit yourself with Skyrim plush helmet, and meet the power house staff: Logan Decker, Evan Lahti, Chris Comiskey, Josh Augustine, and Lucas Sullivan. Chomp down, talk games, make new friends. Sorry, no dragons included.

The choice nom noms (Click to see full meal)

To aid your in your quest

The Five Wonders of PC Gaming - PAX panel

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Still bummed out that you weren't able to make it up to PAX this year to participate in the PC Gamer panel? Be bummed out no longer, faithful readers! We've uploaded the audio of the entire shindig onto our website for all to enjoy.* In the panel, titled "The Five Wonders of PC Gaming", we talk about everything that makes gaming on the PC a uniquely awesome experience, including the recent indie blowup Minecraft, StarCraft II, the classic Chex Quest, and flight sim enthusiasts.

Download it here!

*For maximum enjoyment, shout out your own questions during the Q&A segment and pretend that we're responding directly to you!

PC Gamer US Podcast 238 - Dynamic Duo

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PAX is just around the corner and most of the PC Gamer crew is mid-flight to the convention center. There they'll be meeting readers, hosting a panel on PC gaming, and of course playing the best games and reporting on the latest news in the industry. Our ground team, Andy Bauman and Josh Augustine, talk about what they expect to see at PAX, the latest news--including Elemental's review and ATI disappearing off the face of the earth forever--and answer some reader questions. Enjoy and be sure to tune in for PAX coverage over the weekend!

Download it here!