Divinity: Original Sin adds "AI personalities" in first official patch

Andy Chalk at

The first official Divinity: Original Sin patch has been released, boasting a litany of fixes and changes that's far too long to get into here. More significantly, it also introduces "AI personalities," a big update to how your characters interact that Larian Studios boss Swen Vincke talked about in an interview earlier this month.

Smite launches two lane Siege mode and map on May 6

Wes Fenlon at

MOBAs live and die by their three lane 5v5 maps. Dota 2's map has been passed down from generation to generation as a relic of the ancients. It shall always be as it always has been. League of Legends tried to introduce a new map and game mode with Dominion. It didn't work. Now Hi-Rez Studios' is taking a shot with Siege mode, a new two-lane map for Smite. Siege launches in beta with Tuesday's patch, along with the usual range of balance tweaks and a new god, Egypt's Osiris. Check out the one-minute tutorial video below for a peek at how Siege plays.

MechWarrior Online adds achievement system, resets stat in new update

Patrick Carlson at

MechWarrior Online's new achievement system will reward new players as well as the its most battle-hardened veteran pilots. The awards were added with yesterday's patch, and hand out in-game cash and GXP for completing various mundane and spectacular tasks on the battlefield. While several achievements can be won in a single match, others could take months or years.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 2.1 adds more PvP, new dungeons, kidnapped snowman

Emanuel Maiberg at

Square Enix has detailed the new content it added to Final Fantasy XIV in patch 2.1, which is now available to download. Most notably, the patch—titled A Realm Awoken—adds a new PvP arena, player housing, and The Crystal Tower, a new 24-player dungeon.

Oh, and it also used the opportunity to add a bunch of holiday-themed content to the game with this year's Starlight Celebration, which tasks you with saving a kidnapped snowman.

Batman: Arkham Origins patch goes live, should fix several game-breaking issues

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An update to fix a handful of world-breaking bugs that have emerged in Batman: Arkham Origins has gone live, according to an update from publisher Warner Bros. Games. A quick look at the top tags on the game's official forums lists "bug" and "glitch" prominently, but for PC owners at least, the patch should help get you back to work cleaning up Gotham.

Nvidia Shield update adds official PC streaming, console mode, more Android support

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With the Nvidia Shield's PC streaming function now out of its beta phase, the handheld's latest update should bring more flexibility to an already innovative device. The machine's new patch also introduces a new console mode and increased gamepad support for touch-screen games, alongside Android 4.3, according to a press release today.

Arma 3 rolls out a host of changes in first post-release update

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Arma 3's first post-launch patch is live today, bringing with it a long list of improvements to the military sim's interface and game engine, according to developer Bohemia Interactive's official changelog. Among a host of tweaks in update 1.02 is a "potential" boost to optimization on the enormous Altis game map.

Marvel Heroes developer rolls back broken 1.11 update

Perry Vandell at

Fixing game crashes, optimizing memory usage and excising bugs like tumors are things most patches typically accomplish, but unfortunately for Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion, patching to version 1.11 of the game did much more harm than good.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 receives a truckload of fixes

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The day has finally come my fellow truckers-in-training. After working for months to keep our left turns from wreaking havoc during the morning commute, we’ve finally received a massive update to Euro Truck Simulator 2 that sharpens some of the game’s rougher edges.

Team Fortress 2 update to add maps and fix exploits

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The wonderful hat-trading, item-crafting Valve experiment that is Team Fortress 2 is about to get an all-important update that adds two new community maps while fixing some rather heinous exploits along the way.

Smite catches disco fever, releases huge patch

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Hi-Rez Studios has just dropped a doozy of a patch for Smite. New skins, new items, and a laundry list of Conquest map changes are accompanied by the star of the update: Afro-dite. Not your standard pun-wielding skin, Afro-dite gets a disco ball-topped staff, a snazzy pink outfit, and a disco floor that follows her around the map.

Guild Wars 2 gets changes to traits and skills tomorrow

Perry Vandell at

While the eternal war between guilds rages on, the developers at NCsoft have deemed it necessary to update the world of Tyria tomorrow with a new patch focused on build diversity.

DayZ mod patched to 1.7.7, adds viral zombies and more

Ben Kim at

Dean "Rocket" Hall may be busy working on DayZ Standalone, but designated mod developer R4Z0R49 has been just as diligent with his work on the DayZ mod. Patch 1.7.7 is huge and makes for an almost unbearably long list of changes. Viral zombies, a silenced Makarov, and the zombie tackle from DayZ Standalone that debuted at E3 are some of the highlights.

CS:GO update adds de_mirage, visual grenade arcs

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is quickly becoming the go-to source for round-based shooting action, replacing both Source and 1.6. This might be because of the growing tournament scene associated with CS:GO, but it could also be because of the ample developer support.

The latest patch for the game has brought de_mirage into the map pool, added a “sv_grenade_trajectory” console command and fiddled with Overwatch and the UI. Operation Payback Passes are also on sale for $0.99 until Monday.

Neverwinter addresses rocky open beta with a new public test server and bug fixes

Ben Kim at

After releasing a lengthy blog post about the state of Neverwinter a few weeks ago, Perfect World has started to act on its plans to prevent future problems with the open beta. One of those steps is the impending launch of a new public test server that’ll be filled with new fixes to be vetted for wide distribution.

Dota 2 update adds new tools for commentators

Perry Vandell at

Valve has created a special Dota 2 patch for those players who spend more time watching and talking about the game than actually playing it.

PlanetSide 2 patch adds three-person Harasser buggy, balancing adjustments galore

Tyler Wilde at

PlanetSide 2's Game Update 8 rolled out this morning, and rolling in with it came the Harasser, a three-seater buggy spacious enough to accommodate a bulky MAX suit in the rear passenger seat (though he'll look hilarious). After that, the patch just kept on rolling...and rolling, and rolling—be cautious of scroll wheel fatigue while digesting the patch notes.

SimCity Update 2.0 to kill residential-only cities and fix numerous bugs on Monday

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At 1 p.m. PST on Monday, Maxis will be rolling out the first major SimCity patch. SimCity Update 2.0 doesn't make any especially notable additions—mayors will now drive fancy cars or travel by helicopter if available, for instance—but it does implement a long list of bug fixes and improvements.

MechWarrior Online patch to expand team structure, add new mech variants

Evan Lahti at

Like a robot Bob Ross, Piranha Games continues to slowly fill in the details around MechWarrior Online before it's ready to call the game released. After adding the beta's best map so far last month, this week's fresh paint comes in the form of improvements to MWO's in-match leadership and command features, which will be updated in a patch arriving tomorrow afternoon.

DayZ patch adds new weapons, bloodborne infection, bacon

Evan Lahti at

When the Patch Notes Fairy visits, she often provides precious accidental humor. The Sims 3 has consistently delivered this (version 1.4, from 2009: “Sims can no longer 'Try for Baby' with the Grim Reaper”), but today’s DayZ patch notes produced a few incidental laughs at the PC Gamer office. In addition to adding complexity to DayZ’s infection system, includes gems like “Cutting down trees now attracts zeds,” a change that may endanger the livelihoods of apocalyptic lumberjacks everywhere.

Really, though, this is a great-looking and fairly comprehensive update. There’s new content, new or modified mechanics in play, and fixes to long-standing issues. All of these only affect the mod version of the game, but some of the improvements made may creep into the retail version.