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Oculus Rift co-founder says consumer release is expected to stay under $400

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Oculus Rift development kits have been kicking around for awhile now, and by all reports they've awfully cool. But where are the consumer versions? Will they be meaningfully different from the DK units? And how much are they going to cost, anyway? Read on for answers—sort of.

Oculus Connect developer conference announced, Carmack and Luckey to keynote

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Oculus VR will host its first developer conference this September. Oculus Connect will bring together "engineers, designers, and creatives from around the world" to discuss virtual reality technology. Best of all, the conference will sate our annual urge to see John Carmack speak at length about his work, given that he won't be attending QuakeCon this year as per usual.

Oculus VR accuses ZeniMax of seeking a "quick payout" from Facebook

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Oculus VR has filed a response to ZeniMax Media's lawsuit against it, describing the trademark infringement claim as "a transparent attempt to take advantage of the Oculus VR sale to Facebook." It alleges that ZeniMax omitted and misstated facts in its suit, and repeated its own assertions that "there is not a line of ZeniMax code" in any Oculus VR product.

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey thinks 30 frames per second is 'a failure'

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Developers offer plenty of reasons for 30 frames per second in blockbuster games, but Palmer Luckey isn’t having a bar of it. According to the Oculus Rift founder, not only is it inexcusable in virtual reality, but even consoles and onscreen PC games shouldn’t be let off the hook.

ZeniMax and id Software file lawsuit against Oculus VR for misappropriating trade secrets

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Earlier this month, ZeniMax, owner of id Software and John Carmack’s former employer, sent formal notice to Oculus claiming key technology its virtual reality headset relies on were developed by John Carmack while he was still employed by ZeniMax. ZeniMax claimed that only with its help, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey “was able to transform his garage-based pipe dream into a working reality," and it wanted compensation. Today, the company officially filed suit.

Announcing our PAX East 2014 panel with Palmer Luckey, Chris Roberts, and more

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Virtual reality, SteamOS, fiber broadband, 4K displays, holodecks (you know, maybe)—the next five years of PC gaming will radically transform our immortal hobby. What new experiences will the PC games of the near future provide? How will technology surprise us? This April at PAX East 2014, we'll look into that glowing future with the innovators and PC gaming stakeholders shaping it.

Facebook to buy Oculus VR for $2 billion

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Facebook has reached a "definitive agreement" to buy Oculus VR for around $2 billion. Oculus is the clear leader in virtual reality headsets—only recently challenged by Sony's Project Morpheus—and though it hasn't yet released a consumer product, the company announced last week that the second version of its Oculus Rift Development Kit will ship this summer.

The future of PC gaming: virtual reality

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All week long, we're peering ahead to what the future holds for the PC gaming industry. Not just the hardware and software in our rigs, but how and where we use them, and how they impact the games we play. Here's part three of our five-part series; stay tuned all week for more from the future of PC gaming.

Palmer Luckey has dedicated his career to virtual reality and bet millions of investment dollars on the idea, so it’s expected that he would call it “the most exciting technology of the last century.” It’s still a bold statement from the young entrepreneur and founder of Oculus VR, and we told him as much during our chat at CES 2014.

Palmer Luckey interview: The new Oculus Rift prototype and the future of VR

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It's safe to say that Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey was exhausted when we sat down at last week's International CES to chat. He'd been in town for eight days, talking to the press and showing the newest Oculus Rift prototype, dubbed "Crystal Cove." The newest headset uses 360 degree positional tracking and low persistence motion blur tech to essentially keep wimps like me from vomiting during use. But even though he was wiped, Luckey still took a few moments to talk to me about the promise of VR for videogames and beyond, the rumors of John Carmack making an Oculus Rift game, and his thoughts PC gaming moving to the living room.

Oculus Rift creator says game speed is key to solving motion sickness in VR

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How real is real anyway? Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey thinks the best solution to motion sickness problems when using a virtual reality headset might be rethinking how movement is simulated in all games, not just those that plan on exploiting the new technology.

Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey on the future of VR: we'll double the resolution within a year

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Virtual reality is assuredly no longer the domain of charlatans and fools. Both John Carmack and Gabe Newell have heralded the Oculus Rift as a triumphant second coming of this much-maligned technology, and its 20-year-old creator, Palmer Luckey, has quickly ascended to the status of industry maven. $2,437,429 of Kickstarter cash suggest that others approve, too. We caught up with the talented Mr Luckey to talk about the manufacturing hiccups for his VR dev-kits, his dealings with Valve and other devs, and where the technology will head next.

Video interview with Palmer Luckey, creator of the Oculus Rift

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Man, I love the Oculus Rift. If it was a girl, I'd like to kiss it. But it's not. It's a virtual reality headset that blew my socks clean off when I got to demo it at Gamescom. Click through to see footage of the Oculus Rift on my face, along with an exclusive interview with Palmer Luckey, throughly nice man and creator of the incredi-tech. He even reveals which games he'd most like to see ported to the device. You might be surprised at his choices.

The goggles do something: Hawken adds Oculus Rift support for December launch

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As if indie mech-a-thon Hawken's concept of smashing together robots in windswept, industrial landscapes isn't cool enough, it now sits alongside Doom 3: BFG Edition in supporting Oculus Rift, the 3D virtual headset nearly octupling its Kickstarter goal and making our eyeballs squeal needingly.

Oculus Rift hands-on video: everything you've heard is true

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The Oculus Rift is the most exciting peripheral I’ve ever used. This is the virtual reality headset I’ve been dreaming of since I was a little boy; true future tech that will redefine what it means to play games.

I got to demo it running Doom BFG at this year’s Gamescom. Even better, the kind chaps at Oculus let us film the wondrous thing in action, so you get to share in me looking silly but having a truly joyous gaming experience. Click through for the video.

Carmack VR headset Kickstarter kicking off soon

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Remember that virtual reality headset that John Carmack demoed at E3 this year? It's called the Oculus, and according to a forum post spotted by Ausgamers from its designer, Palmer Luckey, a Kickstarter campaign will start very soon, giving early adopters a chance to snap up some of the first units.

The campaign was due to run in June, but the new date will mean the 30 day donation period will cover QuakeCon and Gamescom. The headset will be demoed at both. Luckey also mentions that he's speaking to Valve, id/Bethesda, Crytek, Epic and Unity about potential partnerships.