Mass Effect 3 writer: creating engaging female characters "shouldn't be such an issue"

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It's interesting when a topic as lively as female characters in games includes gender-sensitive publishers concerned with mainstream appeal, but it's also nice to hear about those who have no trouble writing a heroine. In an EA blog post, Mass Effect 3 writer Ann Lemay says the inclusion of the female turian Nyreen Kandros as a major character in the RPG's Omega DLC "was never an issue."

Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC trailer shows female Turian, criminal camaraderie

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Aria T'Loak is mad. Not only did Omega, her space station hive of scum and villainy in Mass Effect 3, get poached by Cerberus, her favorite couch was commandeered by some jarhead named Oleg Petrovsky. This will not stand. With the aid of the more-friendly jarhead Commander Shepard, a gaggle of displaced criminals, and yes, the gasp-worthy appearance of the female Turian mercenary Nyreen Kandros, Aria sharpens her biotic, er, energy balls and charges back into the station's seedy corridors to recapture what's rightfully hers. Unless that Shepard doorstop gets in the way with his/her fussy "morals" and "bullets."

Mass Effect 3's Omega DLC hits tomorrow for $15, or 1200 BioWare bucks.

Mass Effect 3: Omega release date and details announced

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Shepard and crew will be returning to Omega on November 27th in what BioWare promises is the most substantial single-player DLC yet. It'll run you $15/£10 worth of BioWare points to return to the crime-infested asteroid. Eurogamer has spotted what looks like a squad icon for Omega's warrior queen, Aria T'loak herself. Fitting, as she doesn't seem like the kind of asari that would let an outside team go take her domain back for her.