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The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 hits Steam Early Access with a new gameplay trailer

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Released to English audiences in 2011, The Book of Unwritten Tales was a wonderful point-and-click fantasy adventure about a gnome named Wilbur Weathervane, who unexpectedly finds himself at the center of a struggle for the fate of the entire world. It was lighthearted, silly, and laugh-out-loud funny in places, and a big hit with adventure fans, as evidenced by the success of the sequel on Kickstarter. The first chapter of that sequel went live today on Steam Early Access, along with a lengthy new gameplay trailer that very nicely explains what the game is all about.

Nordic Games resurrects the THQ name, will resume publishing under its banner

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It was a sad day when the THQ flag was lowered for the last time. Not that we didn't see it coming, but there was a time when THQ was a solid mid-tier publisher with some well-regarded studios under its banner. And while those glory days can never be brought back, the THQ name can—and, it seems, will be.

Darksiders series "not dead," but creative director says future remains uncertain

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Darksiders lives, but what that means for the series is anything but clear, according to the action RPG's creative director Joe Madureira. In a followup post on Facebook today, Madureira writes that his comment yesterday about how the Darksiders series "is not dead" doesn't mean its future has been secured.

Nordic Games shares THQ spoils in Humble Weekly Sale

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Many publishers swarmed in on THQ’s trove of established licenses earlier this year, but Nordic Games arguably got one of the biggest takes by buying both the Darksiders and Red Faction franchises. However, it’ll probably be a while before we see anything new from those franchises, considering Nordic bought the licenses just this April. So what do you do with a stack of licenses and nothing new to show? Put them on sale.

New adventure game The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief is out now

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Adventure games aren't dead, okay? They're alive and kicking and with characters that only vaguely look as if they've been moulded out of plasticine. Now gather around, fellow fans, and we'll take a look at the newest story to hit the genre today—The Raven: Legacy of the Master Thief.

Darksiders and Red Faction owner wants former developers to work on its games

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THQ’s dissolution was a sad thing. I had hoped the company of Red Faction and Metro 2033 would avoid financial ruin, but alas, it was not meant to be. Publishers like Deep Silver picked up the Saints Row and Metro franchises, but where did everything else go? Well, it went to little-known company called Nordic Games.

Nordic Games snaps up Darksiders and Red Faction IPs at THQ auction

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A low profile Swedish publisher has snapped up most of what remained of THQ's IP portfolio overnight, including the Darksiders and Red Faction IPs. Auctioned off in lots, Nordic Games can now lay claim to The Biggest Loser and Jeopardy franchises (hooray?), as well as MX vs ATV, Worms, Juiced, Destroy All Humans!, Titan Quest and much more.

Deadfall Adventures trailer reveals an Indiana Jones-inspired FPS romp from Painkiller devs

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"You call *this* archaeology?" Sean Connery might quip if he witnessed the gun-toting chaos of the Deadfall Adventures trailer. At which point hero James Lee Quartermain would kick a flaming barrel into him and fill him full of lead from dual-wielded pistols while growling in a voice so manly it falls below audible human frequencies.

It may have a score almost identical to Uncharted's, desert sojourns and haunted Mayan temples, but the Indiana Jones DNA has been assuredly overwritten by the first person shooter - which is less surprising when you recall developer The Farm 51's last game was Painkiller: Hell & Damnation. It looks like their latest effort will be released on 30 July this very year. Check out the trailer, screenshots and concept art after the jump.

Painkiller: Hell & Damnation review

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Nostalgia is a dangerous creature, and Painkiller has been shackled to it. The result – game mechanics, enemy AI, dialogue, stereotypes, enemies – all come from embracing gaming’s distant past. The result isn’t as pretty as you might remember.